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Published: 05.04.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015
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In the previous chapters, the dimensional views were about abstract unanimated objects in an abstract world, mainly on the imaginary level. This helps to get familiar with some basic elements and rules of our subject in the languages of

  • Mathematics [0-1-2-3-4]
  • Geometrical Objects [point-line-square-cube-hypercube]
Further, some logical operations like moving from one to another dimension, upwards and downwards, perpendicularly to the object, have been demonstrated.

If animated, like in Flatland – A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott or in some other chapters of this discourse, we can enjoy in looking at theoretical problems of imaginarily animated objects , their conflicts and solutions, imaginarily as well.

We have seen, that all integer dimensionality starts from [0D], unfolding up to [1-2-3-4D] following the concept of moving perpendicularly to itself from one dimension to the next.

We could now step to Fractal Dimensions, which are describing mathematically how nature works out its forms in space and time as well as natural processes are run under its rules.
Fractal Dimensions are based on broken figures, like 1,8 (between integer 1 and 2) and its closeness to nature is given by the principle of self similarity.

The man who made fractal dimensions popular was Benoît Mandelbrot. In 1975, he started publishing on this subject and with striking computer-constructed visualizations he illustrated his fractal views into dimensions.
A basic element in fractals is repetition (iterations and recursions). Repeated steps in fractal dimensions can lead to plane or space filling functions, which means crossing dimensional borders and natural development.
Repetition is in turn an element of the human education systems. It is used for mental refreshment of formerly instructed subjects and to putthem into the actual 'save' partition of the brain.
This will be a longer discourse to come to a connection between fractal dimensions, human beings and consciousness - we will do this later.

Or take another way, which follows the stream of history, culture and consciousness, the subject of the great work of J.M.Gebser [1905-1973], a German 'Kulturphilosoph' (cultural philosopher): The Ever-Present Origin (read some chapters of the english version!!!).

Gebser's theory is that human consciousness is in transition, and that these transitions are structured jumps and not continuous [no linear development]. These jumps or transformations involve structural changes in both, mind and body. [from: Wikipedia]

These levels are:

  1. The archaic structure
  2. The magic structure
  3. The mythical structure
  4. The mental structure
  5. The integral stage

And here we can recognise our 5 dimensions (1. to 5.) playing their roles in men's cultural eras.

Dimension Jean Marie Gebser
[0D] The archaic structure
[1D] The magic structure
[2D] The mythical structure
[3D] The mental structure
[4D] The integral stage

Gebser replaces philosophy by eteology (being-in-truth).

His keywords for

[4D] hyperspace The integral stage


  • The whole
  • Integrity
  • Transparency (diaphaneity)
  • The spiritual (the diaphainon)
  • The supercession of the ego
  • The realization of timelessness
  • The realization of temporicity
  • The realization of the concept of time
  • The realization of time-freedom (the achronon)
  • The disruption of the merely systematic
  • The incursion of dynamics
  • The recognition of energy
  • The mastery of movement
  • The fourth dimension
  • The supercession of patriarchy
  • The renunciation of dominance and power
  • The acquisition of intensity
  • Clarity (instead of mere wakefulness)
  • The transformation of the creative inceptual basis

Gebser, Ever-present Origin, pp. 361-362

A recomended short introduction:

The Primordial Leap And The Present: The Ever-Present Origin - An Overview Of The Work Of Jean Gebser
by Ed Mahood, jr., PhD, MBA

There is self similarity ( a term from Fractal Dimensions) between men's cultural eras through his history (Gebser) and the development of one's individual live from birth to death. This means everybody can reflect and witness the stages of his own life by memory or in realtime under this view...


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