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Dimensional Views [ 02.01 ] Human Consciousness - The Ever-Present Origin [0D]

Published: 14.04.2006
Updated: 22.05.2008
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J. M. Gebser formed the term ever-present origin in the context of an integral world view.

Whereas historical views display events consequently on a linear timeline, the ever-present origin is just always here and now, it is not fixed in the past, nor separated from now. Every second can be the beginning of something out of the blue. It can happen now. The ever-present origin can be realised, if the structures of the different dimensional conditions become transparent, conscious.

  • When we look from 0 through 1, 2, 3 dimensional structures, we look in the direction of the unfolding world, the evolutionary way.
  • Changing our view in the direction towards 0, we are looking through 3, 2 and 1 dimensional structures, facing the ever-present origin.

Both views are essential. If we are able to keep apart both directions, we reduce conflicts in daily life. Orientation becomes clear.

  1. Choosing the direction of looking "[4-3-2-1-0]" corresponds to a spiritual life.
  2. Choosing the direction of looking "[0-1-2-3-4]" corresponds to a worldly life.

Let us see what "[4-3-2-1-0]" means:

In our abstract dimensional view, we can say "[4-3-2-1-0]" means a "reduction" - the figures become smaller and smaller.
When we reduce the entity 1 to always smaller parts in the direction of 0, we soon need a microscope to follow the process, then the parts become nano sized, followed by atomic sized particles.
A next step leads us into the world of quantum physics, where we meet Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle that, in it's most common form, states, that it is not possible to simultaneously determine the position and momentum of a particle. Moreover, the better position is known, the less well the momentum is known (and vice versa).

On this level of our trip to zero, particles and information are deeply connected to each other.
A particle is still material substance, whereas information is immaterial.
The closer we come to zero (0), the more the material part diminishes, while the information part is growing.
Reaching zero (0) only information is left.

Regarding the topological aspect of dimensional views, we know that a point has no (zero,0) dimensions,
only information about its location is available - no further information.

This is a look inside.

"[0-1-2-3-4]" is the oppositional view:

We start from 0, zero, where there is pure information only.
Every move from 0, zero, means information turns more and more into substance, from small particles to atomic structures, molecules and matter, the material world comes into existence. Entity is reached by 1, multiples by 2, etc.... and with ascending dimensions the world unfolds its fascinating diversity.

This is a look outside.

Now lets envision what zero [0D] means to human beings - the personal view:

The material [0D] view:

In biological view, the difference between non-existence and the beginning of existence is marked by the first cell divison after the melting of sperm and ovum.
As long as we are unborn (9 months), we are in [0D], our cells grow from embryonic stage to a fetus (8th week of pregnancy), when the major structures and organ systems have been formed. After the 7th month our cells get syncronized with time so that birth can take place after the 9th month.
Birth marks the entry into the [1D] condition of existence.

The spiritual [0D] view:

In Jainism, [0D] is the location of Soul. 0, zero is the symbol of the pure soul.

  • A totally liberated soul (siddha) has no qualities and stays unborn.
  • Any information attached to a soul leads to its materialisation, birth [1D].
    The point (0, zero) looses its "no quality = nothing=no-body" state and e.g. starts growing in size.
    The qualities/informations attached to the soul determine the prozess of growth of each single cell, all materialisations, including DNS affairs.

In the spiritual world, [0D] has the highest attraction power. Here we are identical with our soul. To reach zero [0D] and to be aware of our origin, is subject of all religions, not only Jainism.

[0D] also is Gebser's ever-present origin.
He calls this state"archaic".

Now lets envision what zero [0D] means to human beings - the historic view:

Historic view on the early times, when mankind was "unborn", is not easy. On the one hand, we have only legends, stories, fragments about that state.

On the other hand, we yet have not considered the time-dimensions, which could give orientation to us. Analogous to the personal view, time comes into existence for the unborn child, during pregnancy.

A third possibility is known in many religions. There is not only one "life for mankind", but there are cycles of human existences.

The state of early mankind's consciousness should be comparable to that of an unborn individual: It must have been identical with, not differentiated from its surrounding nature.


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