Dimensional Views [ 01.01 ] Eye In The Hand

Published: 07.02.2006
Updated: 04.08.2009

Eye In The Hand
a pancultural symbol
sensing/observation & doing/action

Together these two abilities represent the most effective symbolic condensation of the ideals of human existence - omniscience (all-knowing) and omnipotence (all-powerful)
and can be found since prehistoric times in cultures all over the world.

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In Jainism:

The Hand implies "abhaya mudra", meaning: no fear.
The word inside is "ahimsa", meaning: non-violence.
The chakra [iris, eye] implies "dharma" [religion of soul]

Professor Yashwant K. Malaiya, Computer Science Department, Colorado State University

Primarily humans are mammals.
As a part of nature we belong to the world of animals.
The law of nature is "survival of the fittest" [Herbert Spencer].
Eat or be eaten...this is the world of violence.

Human beeings once started to leave this world of violence.
It was a hard struggle.
In the first stage the main aim was to escape from the food chain.
Then man changed from hunter to agriculture and animal husbandry.
He got more and more aware of himself and developed his consciousness to create his own world and called it the culture of becoming a human being.
The highest identity he found inside himself he called "soul" and the spirit to connect himself to the truth behind reality became holy.
Nature supported man with a powerfull brain on his way - he is still using only about 8% of it.
The process of becoming a human is obviously not completed.

It is completed when we all have left the world of violence (himsa).

The basic one and only strategy since all times to reach this aim was, is and will be:


Its direct meaning is:

to turn away from himsa, to face the opposite direction of himsa, ahimsa (non-violence)
This needs audacity, courage, strength and confidence:

Fear nothing what is behind you (violence/ himsa)
don't fear what is before you (non-violence/a-himsa).

This is the art of living as a human being.

When you perform this art of living in your life - you do follow dharma (religion of soul), which is our inborn strategy
to survive as a human beeing.

This is Mahavira's message.

To develop consciousness means to be aware of the potential, the limits and the freedom to manage life on the way out of violence and how to handle it.

If you are aware
of the daily
theater of violence
around you
- you will find the way out easy -
just by
not participating.

Leave nature as it is
Cultivate your self


Vote with your money
don't spend it on products
"made in violence"


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