Dimensional Views [ 00.00 ] Preface

Published: 05.02.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

Have a seat on the flying carpet for a dimensional tour passing amazing structures and views of our inner and outer world.

The main content of HereNow4U-Edition 2 deals with Jainism. Now in 2006 it's our 6th year as Europeans being engaged in studying and practicing this subject. We feel it's time to give back some of our reflections and inspirations touching Jainism in the modern world.

As Jainism is an ancient but very vivid religion successfully passing the test of time, it is a perfect strategy to live a spiritually balanced life as well.

Jainism deals with development, purification, realisation and liberation of an individual soul as the highest identity of the self, as well as with relativity and integral views and rules to free the individual from getting lost in the material world and missing the knowledge of his life's origin and aim.

Although, as an old religion, its message comes in the language of the past, it offers solutions for the most actual problems of our times. It provides highest relevance in its basic rules to deal with the material world, the own body and other people in it's efforts to uplift the level of consciousness.

Respectfully mentioned: Jainism needs no personal god to define the highest reality the human race is connected to. Throughout the time of human existence Jainism generated 24 human beings (Tirthankaras) who made their way into liberation.

Jainism says: Live and let live! - It has no mission, but a lot of meaning.

As you know, in our world, east or west,

Happiness never comes without sadness

and this way too

Materialism never comes without Spirituality.

We hope you will like this dimensional tour, get a useful overview and inspiration for your imagination.

A holistic tour

The subject knows a million ways to touch it. We try the easiest level of everything we present.

What it is all about cannot be said in any language, but it can become shining through everything. Each human being can recognize it immediately when the moment comes.

We all hope to participate this moment in lifetime and so this tour will take you along the borders and tries to help in locating them.

There are no new problems, nothing specially scaring, no horrible new facts, except those facts of life we all should be acquainted with.

This tour is based on the works of enlighted people from east and west, spiritual and science.
We will give links as opportunities to follow relevant interests and deepen and specify your knowledge.

Syat, as students of the great reality we are all designed for, we wish you to pick up the truth, where ever it is touched by chance.

This tour is not a finished product, (no abstract available) but a process and we are only some chapters ahead.

R emember please:

It's all under construction

Maybe there will be time in between new chapters being published.......s end us your questions by email (see:)... they might help to optimize it...


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