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Ahimsa Yatra : Siriyari : Transformation Of Personality Through Emotional Training

Published: 21.09.2004
Updated: 02.07.2011

Human life swings between problems and solutions.
The problems can never be totally solved or banned and no man can live always in an atmosphere suffocating with problems.
So man always tries to find solutions.

There are two types of problems to face: problems aroused by outer worldly conditions and problems generated in the inner by the mind. Solutions are mainly strived for outer difficulties felt by the senses; the real problem is mostly ignored as it is growing within oneself.
Highlighting the increasing crime rate due to poverty Acharyashree suggested economists to play an important role in training programs transforming the pressure of personal conditions bringing people to criminal actions.
According to him, this transformation cannot be done merely by mental exercise through lectures.
Education alone cannot change negative attitudes, but the emotions have to be known, changed and positively moulded. Emotions are related to the character and not to the mind, the efficiency of the modern mind has increased the readiness for corruption and crime.
The mind is not the solving unit; emotions are the subject to bring about a change.
Thus it is essential to change the emotions through the practice of meditation, contemplation, asanas and pranayama.
These thoughts were presented by Acharyashree Mahaprajna addressing various economists gathered in a seminar on “Economics of Lord Mahavira”.

Former human resource minister Sanjay Pasvan also had attended the lecture.
Yuvacharyashree Mahashramanji said on this day, “A real teacher is one who trains students in the field of knowledge and in the field of character. Values like shame, discipline, self restrain can build an armor around an individual protecting him or her from every type of difficulties. Thus it is essential to train the human mind together with the heart to build up a strong and positively charged personality.”

Various groups of Mumukshu sisters (Girls under training to take emancipation) came from their Paryushan tour. The whole program was coordinated by Muni Mohajit Kumarji.


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