Ahimsa Yatra : Kishangarh : Brain Is The Biggest Power Of Man

Published: 20.12.2004
Updated: 02.07.2011

Every living being is indulged in some or the other activity, but no other being except human has the developed medium of actions.
There are three types of human actions:

  • Physical
  • Vocal
  • Mental

All the three mediums are well developed in human beings in comparision to other living beings. The physical structure of a human is the foremost power gifted to man to accomplish various activities more superior and organized.

The second power endowed to human is the vocal power. The treasure of innumerable words is the unique medium of development. These thoughts were expressed by Acharya Mahaprajna addressing the huge gathering at Kishangarh.

Acharya Shree further said, “The third power is the brain. The mental power in human is the biggest power gifted to him. There are three function of the brain:

  • Memory
  • Imagination
  • Thinking

Logic and other mental exercises exist due to thinking. Thinking cannot sustain in absence of memory. Vividness and new imagination are equally important to prove supremacy of man. It’s this mind which separates human from animal, otherwise man would be ploughed like a bull. This invaluable power, if not used, starts loosing its charm and energy. A big obstacle in using the power is ‘Kashaya’. ‘Kashaya’ means ‘coloured with’. Everything in this universe, except the soul, has colour. The human mind is coloured with negative instincts like anger, greed and pride. These instincts in their active form hide the true nature of the soul and hinder a person to make proper use of his invaluable power. A person with high intensity of anger lives like as a lost warrior.

Yuvacharyashree said, “Accomplish every work at its proper time. A person unable to manage time cannot develop his personality. Everyone should value time trying to use it properly. Time is much more precious and important than money and position. It is also essential for every human to spent time for one’s consciousness and soul.
The soul can be divided in four categories:

  • Supreme Soul
  • Soul
  • Pure Soul
  • Unpure Soul

People who have worldly pleasure and live a life of penance gradually attain the supreme state of soul. The soul of worldly persons can be divided into pure soul and unpure soul. A person satisfied with the own possession who has equality in speech, thoughts and actions can be called a pure or good soul. On the other hand, a person jealous of others and causing conflicts in thought, speech and action will be a man with an unpure soul. Every person can not attain the state of a supreme soul, but should desire to posses a good state of soul.


Prakash Barmecha, Terapanth Media Information Centre


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