Acharya Kalugani

Published: 22.06.2010
Acharya Kalu Gani, Acharya Kaluram, Acharya Shri Kalugani, Kalugani, Kālugani, Shrimad Kalu Gani


Acharya Shree Kaluganiji
Date of Birth V.S. 1933 Phalgun Shukla Dwitya
Place of Birth Chaparthali Zilla Charu
Father's Name Mulchanji
Mother's Name Choghaji
Marital Status Unmarried
Gotra Chopra (Kothari)
Caste Beesa Oswal
Date Of Diksha V. S. 1923. Bhadra V. Krishna Dwadshi
Diksha By A.S.Magharaji
Place of Diksha Beedasar
Teacher (Guru) A.S. Maghrajji
Appointment of Successor and Place (Yuvacharya) Shravan Krishna ekam Prachanna Patra. Ladnun
Appointment as Acharya and Place V.S. 1966 Bhadra V. Shukla Poornima Ladnun
Number of Sadhu & Sadhvi at the time of appointment as Acharya Sadhu: 71 Sadhvi: 231
New Diksha of Sadhu & Sadhvis during Acharya period. Sadhu: 155 Sadhvi:255
Present:10 Present:40
Date of passing away (Devlok) V.S. 1993 Bhadra V. Shukla Gangapur 7minutes
Number of Maryada Mohotsav 27
Tenure as Acharya 27 years
Maximum Chaturmas Bhindsar 4
No of Sadhu & Sadhvi at the time of passing away. Sadhu: 139 Sadhvi: 333
Sadhvi Pramukha during Acharya period Sadhvi Jethaji, Sadhvi Kan Kavanrji, Sadhvi Jamkhuji


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