Judgement Of SC - Closing Of Cow Slaughter/Meat Shop During The Paryushan Parv

Published: 18.03.2008
Updated: 12.03.2009

Supreme court has passed a judgement on resolution of closing of Cow slaughter / meat shop during the Paryushan Parv.

Full judgment: http://www.terapanthinfo.com/include/pravachan/Judgement.pdf



During the pendency of the petitions, Hinsa Virodhak Sangh, Satellite Murtipujak Jain Sangh, Shree Laxmi Vardak Jain Sangh and Shree Shahibaug Girdhar Nagar Jain Swetambar Murti Pujak Sangh got themselves impleaded as parties to the writ petitions or were allowed to be impleaded as party respondents. Thereafter, Dr. K.K. Shah, President of Hinsa Virodhak Sangh filed affidavit dated 17.8.1998 in Special Civil Application No. 6239 of 1998. He has referred to the Farman issued by Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century, notifying 12 days of the month of Badharva including 8 days of the Paryushan as the period of abstinence during which no living creature would be slaughtered, and averred that the petitioners right to trade and business in livestock, meat etc. is not violated on account of closure of the slaughter houses during the period of the Paryushan. Shri Jayesh Manubhai Shah has also filed affidavit 17.8.1998 on behalf of three Jain Sanghs. In paragraph 4 of his affidavit, Shri Jayesh Manubhai Shah has averred as under:-

The Jain religion is a very old religion based mainly on the principles of Ahinsa of the highest order. In the days of Paryushan Parva all the Jains all over the world will observe various religious activities such as fasting, prayers, attending the lectures providing and observing Ahinsa. The Jains are believing in not killing or hurting even a small insect, therefore, the killing or cutting of the animals in the slaughter houses during these days of Paryushan Parva affect and hurt the religious feelings of all Jains. The respondent Nos. 1 and 2 have been respecting the religious feeling of Jains since last many years and during the closure of the slaughter houses in Paryushan Parva days there are no complaints regarding non-supply of meat or its products by consumers, traders etc. thereof.


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