Spiritual Joy - (1)

Published: 25.11.2008
Updated: 25.11.2008

Greater Kashmir

This is how we produce positive energy by having the temptation controlled...

People have often asked what joy is. Joy implies the fusion of positive and negative energy. Spiritual joy is the product of the fusion of the positive energy of the brain and the negative energy of the sex-centres. This fusion produces strange vibrations.

The human nervous system is the seat of knowledge and consciousness. Consciousness pervades the entire body. The portion of the body, which extends from the lower end of the spinal cord to the brain, is the chief centre of consciousness. It is in this area that consciousness manifests itself.

This is also the seat of citta, mind, sense organs, feelings, counter feelings, knowledge etc. They find their expression in this area only. It is also the storehouse of energy. It is also the centre of the fibres of sensory and motor nerves.

Man knows how to push his energy downwards only. He does not know how to push it upwards. The same energy, which is flowing downwards, can be directed upwards. The downward flow of energy from the brain implies man's entry into the material world. The upward flow of the energy of the sex-centres implies man's entry into the world of the spirit. The former gives us a taste of material pleasures whereas the latter gives us a taste of spiritual joy. These feelings are conditioned by the direction towards which energy is flowing. The upward flow has been termed as internal sex-enjoyment or love of the self or intercourse with the soul. It may, however, be asked whether it is possible to have intercourse with the soul which is not a material entity and is invisible. The answer is - that there is a centre in the body where intercourse with the soul is possible.

The human body is composed of seven substances. The seventh is sukra or virya (semen). It has been said that the release of a single drop (bindu) of virya invites death. The retention of a single drop invites life.

What is bindu? Vital energy of the brain is called bindu. This bindu is situated in the sahasrara cakra. When energy enters this area, it brings about intercourse with the soul. The statement that the dropping of a single bindu causes death and its retention preserves life thus seems to be a correct statement. The vital force when it flows downwards causes death and when it begins to flow upwards brings life, eternal life. This is the ascending path, the path of the progress of the soul. This ascent remains arrested while the vital energy becomes confined to the lower parts of the body. The idea of the gradation of the gunasthanas or stages of spiritual progress of the soul implies the upward movement of the vital force. When energy flows downwards, man remains confined into the first, second and third gunasthanas. Then begins the uprising of energy. It passes from the susumna channel to the centre of the brain and arrives at the stage of pure knowledge and self-realization. The path leading to pure knowledge as well as journey to it is short. The entire journey is an ascending journey only.

Greater Kashmir, by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg
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