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Published: 16.02.2018

1. Substance- That which is the substratum of Guṇa (quality).

guṇāṇamāsao davvaṃ.

(U 28.6)

2. Substance- That which is receptacle of Guṇa (quality) and Paryāya (modes). guṇaparyāyavaddravyaṃ.


3. That which is Sat (metaphysical reality), has existence.

yat sat tad dravyaṃ...

(Bhiksu 5.8 Vr)

4. That ascetic (Muni), who is free from attachment and aversion-is the Vītarāga.

5. One whose conduct is like the Vītarāga (one, free from attachment and aversion); one who

has litle Kaṣāya (passions).

6. Bhavya Jīva- That soul who is competent to attain Mokṣa (liberation).

rāgaddosavimukko davio, vltarāga ityarthaḥ, adliavā vītarāga iva vītarāgaḥ.

(Sūtra 1.8.10 p. 168)

dravyo bhavyo muktigamanayogyaḥ vītarāga iva vītarāga iva vītarāgao'lpakaṣāya ityarthaḥ.

(Sūtra 1.8.10 Vṛ Pa 170)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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