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HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 06.04 Ahimsa Yatra : Tamkor

Published: 26.04.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

25th November 2006, 12:30 – 15:00

Acharyashree, Yuvacharyashree, Sadhvi Pramukha on stage during Welcome Function

Shortly after arrival, the welcome function took place. Acharyashree, Yuvacharyashree, and Sadhvi Pramukhaji took their seats on stage in front of the huge gathering. Many dignitaries were present already, while others were about to arrive; all flocked to the assembly tent.

Municipal dignitary speaking at welcome function & presenting district map on which Tamkor is noted as famous religious site, native place of H.H. Acharyashree Audience

A local dignitary presented a brochure and a district map to Acharyashree where Tamkor with Acharyashree’s birthplace, its big Meditation Hall and Library has been added to the list of locations with special spiritual facilities. Meanwhile the number of people in the assembly tent continually increased.

Spiritual aspirants Audience Audience, gent's side

People from close and remote areas attended the welcome function, not all were lucky enough to find some space for sitting down. Some areas were reserved for Sadhaks.

Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji Samani Pratibha Pragyaji compering welcome function Samani Pratibha Pragyaji compering welcome function

Acharyashree and Samani Pratibha Pragyaji, both were born in Tamkor. Therefore, members of the community had asked her to compere the function. For two hours she acted in this function, but due to language limitation, we are sorry to admit that we were not able to follow and therefore cannot report in detail.

Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji addressing the audience Yuvacharyashree Mahashramanji addressing the audience Sadhvi Pramukhaji (head of nuns), Mahashramani Kanak Prabhaji

After Acharyashree’s address to the gathering, Yuvacharyashree and Sadhvi Pramukhaji also gave short speeches.

Audience, ladies' side Audience, ladies' side

Sadhvishrees, Samanijis, and ladies in the audience

Members of organising committee in administrative tent Volunteers relaxing in administrative tent Karuna giving her autograph

We then decided to look for some notes in English language in the administrative tent, but did not succeed. Instead, we met very nice people and were invited to have tea with them. Thereafter, young students wanted us to autograph their books.

Free lunch for everybody

In a very crowded tent, free lunch was offered to everyone. We also queued and enjoyed the meal. Afterwards we hurried to our host’s house and took some rest.

Aparigraha after photo session

Aparigraha after photo session & Ahimsa Yatra… more than thousand words…


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