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HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 06.02 Ahimsa Yatra : Hariyal - Tamkor (2)

Published: 20.04.2007
Updated: 30.07.2015
H.H. Acharyashree and Yuvacharyashree examining a placard on the truck's cargo area
25th November 2006, 09:30 - 10:30
In front of the railroad crossing, H.H. Acharyashree and Yuvacharyashree, while they had to halt for some minutes, examined the big placard showing them in front of a typical sight of Udaipur. The big truck with the placard on its canvas cover was exactly next to them.
Placard welcoming Ahimsa Yatra on the road to Tamkor, native place of Acharya Mahaprajnaji Ahimsa Yatra on the road to Tamkor

Leaving the national highway and taking the road to Tamkor formerly meant to take one of the numerous desert roads, highly recommended to camel chariots only because of the animal’s feed and extra-large wheels of the chariot. Trucks and chariots transporting people would be difficult to move on this ground. The road to Tamkor was newly asphalted; the new asphalt exactly reached from the branch of the national highway to Tamkor Meditation Hall, where Acharyashree was accommodated. We supposed Ahimsa Yatra the motive for asphalting the road; in the morning, the rusted portal-like rack was about to be painted when we passed. It was glittering completely in green colour when the saints arrived. We were touched by the many efforts undertaken for some minutes of passage only, but understood that these even tiniest details of adoration cannot be measured in terms of effort and result.

Acharyashree Mahaprajnjaji, Yuvacharyashree Mahashramanji, munis & lay followers Impressions of Ahimsa Yatra from Hariyal to Tamkor

Ahimsa Yatra had to traverse the embankment of a railway, which could not be asphalted. We wondered how they would manage with Acharyashree’s chariot and the many trucks and cars. An experienced driver knowing well how to handle his forceful motor was required there, as on the top of the embankment, these railroads normally are a challenge for every car’s axis.

Preparations to enable passing of Acharyashree's chariot at railroad crossing on the way to Tamkor Ahimsa Yatra truck passes railroad crossing on the road to Tamkor

To facilitate passage, wooden planks had been prepared for coverage of the railroads. The big truck now easily surmounted the obstacle. It was there, where Acharyashree and Yuvacharyashree were waiting next to it for passage of the railroads.

Loudspeaker truck heading Ahimsa Yatra Impressions of Ahimsa Yatra on the road to Tamkor Mumukshu sisters (novices) escorting Acharyashree Mumukshu sisters (novices); Mumukshu sisters wearing garlands had taken Diksha in Bikaner on 28 Jan 2007 Mumukshu sisters (novices) H.H. Acharyashree & Yuvacharyashree surrounded by monks and lay followers Impressions of Ahimsa Yatra on the road to Tamkor Impressions of Ahimsa Yatra on the road to Tamkor Impressions of Ahimsa Yatra on the road to Tamkor

Like a glittering white belt Ahimsa Yatra decorated the landscape: Headed by Mumukshu sisters, those wearing garlands had taken Diksha on 28th January 2007 in Bikaner, Yuvacharyashree and some monks pulled Acharyashree’s chariot, followed by estimated 200 lay persons. The distance between Hariyal and Tamkor was around 11 km. All participants felt happy and light, nobody was bothered by any circumstances, all understood that it was unique to be part of Ahimsa Yatra this day.

Information age, time to read newsaper. H.H. Acharyashree & Yuvacharyashree surrounded by monks and lay followers H.H. Acharyashree & Yuvacharyashree surrounded by monks and lay followers H.H. Acharyashree & Yuvacharyashree surrounded by monks and lay followers

Acharyashree meanwhile glanced at the local newspaper where arrival of Ahimsa Yatra in Tamkor was announced. Whenever rural people noticed Ahimsa Yatra, they bowed down and were blessed by Acharyashree.

Ahimsa Yatra approaching Tamkor Villagers welcoming Ahimsa Yatra, Acharyashree giving his blessings Ahimsa Yatra approaching Tamkor

When the houses of Tamkor appeared, one could not imagine which fantastic welcome inhabitants and visitors gave to Tamkor’s great son. At the tender age of ten, he bid farewell of worldly life, and in his 77 years of monkhood, he became one of the greatest souls among contemporary men, giving spiritual inspiration, guidance, and support to all, if they were presidents or villagers.


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