Paryushan 2004 at JVB London - Part 2

Published: 30.09.2004
Updated: 02.07.2015

Pratikraman at the JVB London Centre

The evenings of the Paryushan week were filled out with Pratikraman at the JVB London centre.
Many people came to recite the prayers and mantras for purification together.

Two groups were formed for Hindi or English language.
In the English section all verses were presented in the original Prakrit language and in English.

The Paryushan Power Point presentation made it easy to follow the pronounciation and the meaning of the given informations.

Evening function at Kingsbury Highschool

Evening function at Kingsbury Highschool after Pratikraman at JVB London.

Many people at Kingsbury Highschool.

Personal Preparation for Samvatsari

Twice a year...

the same procedure...

no likes, no dislikes...

JVB London Women's Wing

Mrs. Pushpa Banthia is the chairperson of JVB London's women's wing.
Preparartions for a fund raising event in November were started as well in the week of Paryushan.

House Warming Ceremony

One morning the new home of a young couple was purified by the Samanijis who are just entering the house.

The Samanijis preparing for the ceremony.

Mantras, prayers and holy verses were recited.

The Samanijis in the kitchen taking Gochri from the young woman.


The final function was in a nice hall not far from the JVB London centre and attended by about 150 people.
It ended with the traditional 'Michhami Dukkadam'.

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