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Paryushan 2004 at JVB London - Part 1

Published: 29.09.2004
Updated: 02.07.2015

Week of Purification

The week of Paryushan was celebrated at JVB London from 11-18th September. The Samanijis had invited me to JVB London for experiencing Paryushan under their guidance and to give a helping hand when needed. Two of them, Samani Pratibha and Jina Pragya, were at the centre, two of them, Samani Punya and Shukla Pragya, had been invited to Birmingham by the Mahavir Foundation for Paryushan lectures.

Lectures - Prayers - Mantras:daily at Navnat Bhavan

Every morning from 11.15 a. m. to 12.45 p.m. the Samanijis Pratibha and Jina Pragya gave lectures at the Navnat Bhavan where about 140 people gathered. The lectures were in Hindi or Gujarati - languages I do not understand - on subjects like the life of Lord Mahavira, our biological clock, Karma, time management and others. Photo above: The Samanijis on their way to enter the Navnat Bhavan.

Mr. Bhupendra Shah welcomed the Samanijis on behalf of the Navnat Vanik Association of the U.K.

The first day of Paryushan on 11th September Samani Pratibha Pragya spoke a memorial prayer for the souls of the victims in New York, the whole assemblee stayed in silent memory for two minutes.

Even I was asked to address the public.
For six days I was inspired by the Samanijs to do Ekasana (eating once a day) and one day - Samvatsari - I held complete fast.

People are listening with great interest to the lecture of the Samanijs. Many women told me that they practised restraint in eating and did not go to work for the whole week; because of Paryushan they stepped out of their daily routine and focussed on spirituality. I was told that children from eight years on did Ekasana while continuing school, one 17-year old girl did the fast for 21 days and broke it after Samvatsari.

All people praid together with the Samanijis.

The lectures were in clear and understandable language and taught people to purify in a practical way.

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