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JVB London - Paryushan 2006 [08] Thanks!

Published: 07.09.2006
Updated: 15.02.2008

These ten days of Paryushan at JVB London were not only spiritual highlights, but also highlights of amity and hospitality to us. The people cared very much and integrated us into their community, we really felt part of it. We were invited to their houses for meals and wonderful talks, an experience not to be missed. All this made us feel to have celebrated Paryushan in it's real sense. THANKS!

JVB London president Sampath K. Sethia (l), Samani Punya Pragyaji (r), editor Karuna Jain (m)

The invitation to Girdhari and Kamla Choraria's house was a special pleasure. Girdhari is the brother-in-law of Sayer Choraria, after whom the JVB London centre is named. He feels at home at many places in the world and has got a deep spiritual knowledge, which he shared and exchanged with us. As a financial professial he knows very well the structure of the material world, and most of all, its fugaciousness. Thanks for lunch and meaningful discussion!

Girdhari Choraria talking on spirituality

Kamla, his wife, gave us a warm welcome in their house

Girdhari's sister from Hongkong (r) was also there with her husband, their former nanny (l) originating from India is retired now and lives around the corner

Editor Karuna Jain (l) and Girdhari's brother-in-law from Hongkong

All gathered around the big table for delicious Ekasana lunch

Another highlight of hospitality was the invitation of Pushpa and Nirmal Banthia for dinner before Samvatsari. The dinner held what it had promised and made it not difficult to observe fast for the next 36 hours. Many thanks for welcoming us in your house, Nirmalji and Pushpaji!

Pushpa Banthia (l), chairperson of JVB LOndon's Women's Wing, and editor Karuna Jain

To meet Sayer Choraria and her big family is always a special pleasure. Even when we had been in Ladnun, we had met there, without knowing from each other plans to go there. Manik Choraria, her eldest son, was so kind to drive us to the airport when we went back home. Thank you!

Sayer Choraria (r) and editor Karuna Jain

For spiritual guidance, thanks to all Samanijis!


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