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Shukla Leshya

Published: 16.09.2005
Updated: 29.08.2012
Sukla Leshya

Shukla Leshya belongs to Dharma Leshyas and is the most pre-eminent among all the Leshyas. It manifests the purity of passions, mind and consciousness.

  • Colour: white.

For purity, freedom from defilements and spiritual progress, it has the utmost value. The man visualising the vibrations of the atoms of this colour, would never indulge in mental concentration resulting from a state of distress or fury. Chemical changes take place much more quickly. The glands responsible for imparting to us the sensation of pleasure can be stimulated only by the vibrations of this colour.

There is no continuity of Shukla Leshya. It is not uniformly even. Its excellence lasts for a short while. Generally, three degrees of excellence are recognised:

  • excellent
  • more excellent
  • most excellent

The most excellent Shukla Leshya is possessed by a Veetaraga who has transcended all passion.

There are two levels of this Leshya.  In the first level one strictly observes the principles of nonviolence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy, and non-attachment. They are trustworthy, treat every soul as if it was their own soul, and do not have any ill feelings even for their enemies.  They remain calm even if someone abuses them. If anyone dies in this state of mind, he will be reborn as a human being or an angel.

In the second level one has perfected the state of mind where there is no more attachment or hatred and treats everyone alike.  They do not become happy or sad. Their state of mind is the purest. If anyone dies in this perfected state of mind, he or she will be liberated from the cycle of life and death.

The aura connected with it is also white and bright.


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