Samani Madhur Pragya

Published: 29.11.2011
Samani Madhu Pragya, Samani Niyojika Madhur Pragya


Born: Bhinasar

Terapanth Info

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Date of birth: 05.07.1958
Place of birth: Bhinarsar, Rajasthan, India
Diksha: 1980 in Ladnun, Rajasthan, by Acharya Tulsi when the Saman order was founded by him.

1983 two months visit to London together with former Samani Smid Pragya, now Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha, the first intercontinental trip of Jain Samanis.
1986 she participated in the interreligious peace prayer in Rome, Italy, as representative of Acharya Tulsi who had been invited by late pope John Paul II. The pope received her in two individual audiences because during her stay in Rome the Samanis had to face adversaries of food:
Accomodated by Christian nuns, the Samanis were communicating with the nuns through smiles, the language of faith, but not through words, due to lack of common language. Though one person was appointed to look after the Jain Samanis, nobody had realised their strict vegetarism. So the Samanis fasted unwillingly, not knowing if the offered food corresponded to their ethical rules. When their pale looking was noticed and the reason found out, people were ashamed. The pope got to know this incident and received them for apologizing personnally; he received them for a second time to get sure that diet-related inconvenience was corrected.
1989 visits to Japan and Hongkong, 1990 first visit to the USA, among other visits to Europe and the USA, 1997 visit to Berlin, Germany.

2002,2003, 2005:


  • Mumbai




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