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Prof. Dr. Nalini Balbir

Published: 06.12.2010
Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. N. Balbir


Born: 1955


Paris, France




University of Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle,
UMR 7528 “Mondes iranien et indien”

Dr. Nalini Balbir, born in 1955 in France, was a direct student and protegee of the Sanskrit scholar and renowned Indologist Prof. Dr. Colette Caillat. She is working as Professor in the University of Paris since 1988. She is well known in the world to all specialists of Prakrit narrative literature. Equally at easy and fluent in Prakrit, Pali, Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, French, English and German.

She is the recipient of Parvati Jain International Award (Delhi - Amabala 1988). Her works include the Dana-Shataka-Katha (1982), Avashyeka-Studies (1993), Yogindu (1999), Haribhadra.s Dhurtakhyana and Nagadeva (2004). It is astonishing that she has published about 80 research papers on various aspects of Prakrit and Jaina Studies.

Prof. Nalini Balbir is one of the rare and devoted scholars to study linguistic aspects of Prakrit Languages - like the Dialectical variation in Jain Maharashtri, Jaina Exegetical Terminology, Prakrit Riddle Poetry etc. The Glossary of Paramatma- Prakasha and Yogasara is note worthy.

However, the crowing Glory of Nalini Balbir’s erudition and dedication to Jainology finds expression in the CATALOGUE OF THE JAINA MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BRITISH LIBRARY (2006), in three volumes, consisting of 1278 pages. The scope of the catalogue extends from the jaina Manuscripts in the Oriental Collection of the British Library to those in the Indian Office Library. This Catalogue sheds light on 1983 Manuscripts in 1425 entries. The Importance of the Catalogue is not merely scholarly, it is also religious.

Some works of Prof. Dr. Nalini Balbir (Research papers and Books):

    1. Jaina Bibliography
    2. Anadhyas a Jaina Topic
    3. The Story of Slomon’s Judgement.
    4. Women in Jainism
    5. Recent Developments in a Jaina Tirtha
    6. Samayasundara’s Samacari Satak
    7. The Perfect Sutra
    8. Tirthankars of the Future
    9. Past and Present of a Jaina Festival
    10. The Monkey and the Weaver Bird
    11. A New Instance of Common terninology...
    12. Stories form the Avasyaka
    13. Jaina Exegetical Terminology
    14. About a Jaina Polemical Work...
    15. Morphological Evidence for a dialectical...
    16. ...Trends in Jaina narrative
    17. Grammatical Riddles....
    18. Prakrit Riddle Poetry
    19. Jaina Buddhist Dialogue
    20. The Micro-genre of Dana Stories


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