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The Predicament of Women in Ancient India: General Bibliography

Published: 23.06.2008
Updated: 02.07.2015

§§ 16-17: German quotations have been translated into English.
All underlinings in the text are ours

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P.V. Kane, History of Dharmasastra. Poona. I-V. We always quote from II.I and II.II (2nd ed.) 1974. -- List of subjects in Hdh II which have direct connection with our study: II.I. 2nd ed., Poona 1974: varna (19-104); ritual (188-267); upanayana (268-415); asramas (416-426); Marriage (427-541); polygamy et alia (550-582); duties of a widow (583-598); niyoga (599-607); remarriage of widows (608-623); sati (624-636); prostitution (637-639). II.II. 2nd.ed., Poona 1974: sexual intercourse, woman in her menses (802-805); women ascetics (945-946); women and horse-sacrifice (1234-1235).

III. Poona 1946: punishment for adultery etc., "women not to be killed" (401-402); punishment for rape etc. (531-537); different kinds of sons (641-661); adoption (662-699); order of succession after the son 700-769 (701-713: rights of the wife/the wives as heirs); stridhana or woman's property (770-816; 803-815 maintenance, including maintenance of concubines); conflict of Smritis (866-874); kalivarjya actions forbidden in the Kali Age 885-968 (886 "progressive deterioration in morals"; 885-926: yuga doctrine; 930-967: 55 kalivarjyas). The 55 kalivarjyas are different from the list in KANE Ka. -- V.II. Poona 1962: Tantrism (1031-1151).

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H.Zimmer Al [Zimmer senior], Altindisches Leben. Die Cultur der vedischen Arier. Berlin 1879.

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Picture Credits: ASW - Aktionsgemeinschaft Solidarische Welt e.V., BERLIN.

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