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Published: 07.03.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012
22nd November 2006, 12:30 – 17:30
Jagat Rakhecha

Jagat Rakhecha

“Now you know about Dujoghalo technology! When something is broken or damaged and cannot be adjusted immediately, but use of the function is necessary, we just apply a rough-and-ready solution,” Mr. Rakhecha said when his nephew and we came back. This reminded us to stories from GDR (German Democratic Republic, 1949-1989) on the same subject.

Our last photo was taken in the tent where lunch was served. Our newly bought digital camera refused to function properly! When we talked about it, the trigger of the camera fell down after being touched. Sometimes, such a small button is conjunct with the electronic system, which breaks completely down after replacing the button. In this case, guarantee conditions in Germany would be lost.

Dr. Baid offered his help and promised to send an email to the producer of the camera. But it still was an open question if reparation during our trip would be possible.

We then followed Sushil Surana’s proposal to take lunch - “Nothing will be better when you are hungry, you had only frugal breakfast.” – and were relieved when the driver arrived. We remembered Mr. Rakhecha’s words, “Please come when you need help.” and drove back to Taranagar. In the car, we wondered how different we experienced the landscape; it appeared less enlivened and the distance much farer.

In Taranagar, we discussed our problem with Mr. Rakhecha, his two brothers and his nephew Jagat who lives there permanently. Suddenly Jagat said, “Uncle, I have an idea.” He gave us sign to follow him, and en route to town he told us that his friend Gangaram Chchan has a shop where he sells cameras also, but no digital cameras. Gangaram looked at the camera, inspected the trigger, bent down and held something in his fingers. He then took the camera and pressed the small item on the trigger. We took a deep breath. He smiled and showed the display of the camera, and this we saw:

Shop in Taranagar Shop keeper Gangaram Chchan

Gangaram Chchan in his shop in Taranagar

He had put a pin instead of the trigger button! No breakdown of the system. He fixed the pin with sellotape, and due to Dujoghalo Technology, our camera problem was solved.

When writing this article, we wondered about the spelling of the word and what it means in which language. We contacted HereNow4U correspondent Mahima Bokarya who after some phone calls found it out: It is Marwari language and means: take another!

Articles sold in the shop Karuna in the shop

Everybody was pleased and a little proud that the solution was found at Taranagar, and we are happy to have such friends!

Tea with Rakhecha family at their neighbours' house

The Rakhecha family was invited by their neighbours to take tea and snacks before departure, and we were invited to join their company. We enjoyed the afternoon and relaxed.

Ancient window Ancient door

These traditional doors are in the house of the neighbours.

Shri Rakhecha & his neighbour

Mr. Rakhecha (l) lives permanently in Taranagar and often sits together with his neighbour.

Karuna talks with the ladies

Karuna tried the delicious home made snacks and was happy to get instructions from the ladies how to prepare.

Ladies exchanging views Vivid discussion

Motivated discussions among the ladies

Talk among gents Ladies enjoy the afternoon

and gentlemen!

Then it was time to depart for everybody. We took early dinner with the Surana family and Sushil thereafter accompanied us to Mahatma, where we were eager to meet the saints and to take their photos.


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