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HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 04.03 Ahimsa Yatra : Mahatma

Published: 06.03.2007
Updated: 30.07.2015

22nd November 2006, 10:20 - 11:30

The saints on their way to the schoolhouse where they were accomodated

Acharyashree, Yuvacharyashree and the monks, escorted by Dr. Baid, MLA, Rajasthan, the standard bearer, the man on the camel, solemnly dressed women and Gyanshala girls, the former bearing copper jars on their heads, and a group of dignitaries, went straight to the schoolhouse which the 28 school children of Mahatma allocated for accommodation of the saints.

Munishree Kumar Shramanji bowed down when Acharyashree passed and followed him. It is his responsibility to make sure that accommodation and meals are available. It means that he cooperates with local laypersons concerning rooms and householders to share their food with the saints. There are never any standards to observe, Acharyashree and the Sangh have no expectations and accept any condition coming up to them.

Dr. Baid received H.H. at the entry and escorted him to the courtyard of the school. Acharyashree then descended from the vehicle, entered the appointed room where Sadhvi Pramukhaji, Sadhvi Vishrut Vibhaji and Sadhvi Shashi Prabhaji received him by bowing down and reciting some Sutras. Acharyashree retired and took rest in practising Kayotsarga.

Certainly there might be some variations, but we got the impression that reception of Ahimsa Yatra is celebrated in these modest details, as far as Acharyashree and the saints are concerned. No pomp, no special arrangements, materially more than modest, they bring the spirit to everywhere they go and share it with whoever is there.

Gathering in the courtyard of the schoolhouse, where normally 28 school children up to 4th class are learning Gathering in the courtyard of the schoolhouse, where normally 28 school children up to 4th class are learning

At least all 238 inhabitants of Mahatma seemed to gather in the courtyard, gentlemen on one side, ladies and children on the other. People were excited because of the many guests; babel was in the air. Some Munis talked to the gathering, pointed to the closed door and even we understood that Acharyashree would not be able to take rest in the midst of it.

Village ladies Village ladies Village ladies


When people got aware that Acharyashree’s door was closed due to his health situation, they became silent and slowly went back to their houses. The information was given that an evening event would take place.

Meanwhile, delicious scents from tents near the schoolhouse reached the courtyard. We went there and saw ladies distributing food to everybody, supported by gentlemen carrying heavy bowls to tables. Among those who waited for their turn were lank adolescents. They queued repeatedly; evidently, they had only few occasions to fill their stomachs sufficiently. We remembered the talk with Dr. Baid two days ago when he told us that poor people still are dying from hunger. These kids were not in a desperate situation, nevertheless, their nutrition situation has room for improvement, which started with the arrival of Ahimsa Yatra. Hopefully it will continue.

We remembered that fortunately Ahimsa Yatra frequently came over little villages like Mahatma and realised how much we all have to cooperate to abolish unnecessary grievance.

Sushil Surana and other lay followers having lunch

This was our last photo for some hours; why, will be subject of the article to follow.


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