HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 02.14 Kolkata - Meeting Gyanshala Teachers & Students

Published: 23.01.2007
Updated: 30.07.2015


On the road again! Some nostalgic feelings where in a random manner striving our mind, quickly forgotten during the meetings. Precisely, this was the last of our memorable days in Kolkata. Before we had to take farewell, there was another highlight waiting for us, nearly the last pearl in this necklace of life. Like all good things, it was for free, can’t buy me love (The Beatles), can’t buy me sleep (Sadhvishree Nirvanshreeji)…

As it was Saturday afternoon, Gyanshala afternoon in Samsukhas’ home. We were very interested to see how Gyanshala worked out. Another surprise! When we entered Samsukhas’ home, about 50 students were gathered in the big entry hall! Boys on the left side, girls on the right, they stood without moving in disciplined rows, with big smiles in their faces. They had come from different Howrah Gyanshala classes, in groups of 6, transported by parents or relatives with big cars!

‘Om Arham! Jai Jinendra!’’ was their welcome to us. They sat down with crossed legs and were eager to show what they had prepared for us. It was touching to see the youngsters of all ages, sitting with crossed legs, looking at us with resplendent eyes.

The ladies in front of and behind them, their Gyanshala teachers, smiled at us and gave softly signs to start. The students recited Namokar Mantra; they visibly were involved whole-heartedly from inside and showed their happiness to us.


Then they bowed down in ‘Vande Satyam’ (We bow down in front of Truth much greater than us). After this, the lady said semi-forte, Gyan Mudra and then they practised Mahaprana Divani, a humming sound with closed lips, while concentrating on the centre of knowledge, visualising white colour. All were in perfect concentration and in touch with the Self. Congratulation to the teachers, the students had not learned, but lived their lesson.

When the lady gave sign to come back, everyone immediately was present. No exchange of glances with friends or parents, no looking around, only balanced awareness. All in harmony with themselves, concentrated, relaxed and enjoying what they were doing.

One young girl held a speech in English language, which afterwards she handed over to us:

‘All kids here heartily welcome you. The most important lesson in life is to realise the truth of life, which you have adopted in yourself with the guidance of Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji and made him your Guru.

You have inspired our lifes too, we will always be glad to receive your peasant company. Do visit us again. Om Arham.’

A little girl of 4 years came in front and recited many long verses very fast, among them ‘Karemi Bante’, the wonderful poem of devotion. She apparently did not take breath; her ageless glance was glowing from inside.

One lady sang the Preksha Song, the hymn of Preksha Meditation, composed by Acharya Tulsi, in her beautiful voice, followed by the Jeevan Vigyan Song, also composed by Acharya Tulsi. The class was over, after all together had spoken in chorus their commitment to Gyanshala.

Tea and biscuit time! Frankly, we never had heard about 50 children and adolescents talking with half-loud voices to each other, taking tea and having a lot of fun. No loud voice, no hasty movements. When they went home, they left us - right! - speechless, again!


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