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Anekanta : Philosophy of Co-existence: 07.02 Naya, Anekanta and Rules of Thinking - Permanent and Impermanent

Published: 01.08.2010

Permanent and Impermanent

The basis of the analysis of permanent and impermanent is truth and untruth. Persistence is a part of truth. Because it does not have any origination and cessation, it is permanent. The other part of truth is mode. There are both origination and cessation, so it is impermanent. Persistence is not separable from mode and vice versa, hence truth or substance is permanent and impermanent.

Truth is not explicable only on the basis of permanent or only on that of the impermanent. Just because the sky is the truth, it is not only permanent. It is also impermanent because it is attached with modes. A pot is a mode so it is impermanent, but because the atom of which it is composed is the truth, hence it is also permanent.


Anekanta: Philosophy of Co-existence Publisher:  JainVishwa Bharati, Ladnun, Rajasthan, India Editor: Muni Akshay Prakash

Edition:  2010 (1. Edition)

ISBN:  817195140-6

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