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Published: 15.04.2013
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Back to Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra we were told that Samani jis from Bangkok had arrived. It was the time of their lunch, and I decided to meet them later. Only during mealtimes they are undisturbed, otherwise they are leading a public life. This means that they are approachable for everybody at any time. When they are away, surely someone will be there knowing where they have gone and when they will probably be back. Same here, their arrival dates were known long before they had arrived. This transparency gives a feeling of confidence for the “saints”, as they are called by the lay followers. Even respect is included towards the person asking for them. The request is regarded important enough to provide all informations available. I wanted to meet Samani jis, perhaps I knew them already. It is always a special experience to see them. They are treating everybody as friend, and they are welcoming everybody very kindly. They are living after the doctrines of their great Gurus in day-to-day life of 21st century and enlighten it. For them it is self-understood in the sense of understanding through knowledge of the Self to practice universal friendliness towards all living beings and to regard none as enemy. Even if someone is not behaving like a friend it is necessary to act according to the own ethical values. No reactive impulses, never reciprocating in the same way.

Samani Chaitya Pragya (l), Samani Agam Pragya

In Bangkok Samani jis had participated in the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week as representatives of Jain Sangh there from Feb. 1st to 7th 2013. NGO Peace Federation Thailand had invited religious leaders and top-ranking politicians to join a conference on the last day on the subject “Interfaith Principles to Strengthening Family”. At present they were on their way to Tapra for Maryada Mahotsav. Unfortunately there was not much time left for an extended talk, but it was a very nice reunion with two participants of my German Language Course at JVBU Ladnun in 2007.

The same evening we wanted to go by train to Balotra with Swami Dharmananda, and then continue to Tapra. Therefore we had to prepare our luggage, take some rest and ask farewell. Swami Dharmananda already had bought the tickets for all of us, 2nd AC sleeper. There is a choice between 1st AC, 2nd AC, available as sleeper, 2nd and 3rd class. 2nd or 3rd classes are either interesting or strange for tourists, dependent on the degree of applied geography one likes to experience. Advisable for getting into contact with students, workers, farmers, small traders, musicians as well as a colourful diversity of uncommon people is 3rd class, because many passengers are getting off and new ones in at the stations where the train stops. Here the common people of the subcontinent are showing generously their day-to-day hospitability, which means to share what they have with the stranger. It also means to have a lot of fun, even when nobody does speak English. Even better!!

Departure was at 18:07 from Delhi Cantt. Railway Station. Cantt. is the abbreviation of Cantonment. Cantonments were army bases of the British-Indian army in Delhi and Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since independence, Delhi Cantt. is the headquarter of the Indian army with army hospital and affiliated research facilities, as well as residential areas for army staff with nurseries and schools, in short, one passes a small town on the way to Cantt. Railway Station. From Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra it is in a distance of 21 km and normally takes one hour to reach. Swami Dharmananda told us that the train would not stop for long at Cantt. and advised us to leave early. So we left ASK about 16:00h in the afternoon, and reached Cantt. after one hour at 17:00h. All went well and gave the good feeling to be in time at the station where the train does not stop for long.

Delhi Cantt. Railway Station, view on platforms and rails being crossed by passengers.

The platform gets filled with passengers because a train will arrive very soon. In the background the bridge for pedestrians to the platforms.

 The passengers assemble not only on the platform, but also at the other side of the train, while the train approaches with a loud acoustic signal..

This train neither stops for longtime here. Please hurry for boarding!

Before all passengers were in the train, it started to move slowly.

All are aware of the procedure, and like many times before nobody missed the train. After departure it again was relaxed on the platform, for us there was still half an hour until departure. We drank tea and had a nice talk.

Karuna Jain, Swami Dharmananda

Little by little departure came nearer, and I asked Swami Dharmananda how long the train exactly would stop here and where we might suppose our coach. The answer was, “Two minutes! Nobody knows where exactly which coach might be accessible. We only know that it will arrive at this platform. But I have asked someone and think it will be there.“ Swami Dharmananda pointed in the direction to our right. No Railway employee was visible. They are only at the starting station, and there the train will be accessible for about one hour. Our train starts at 17:30 in Old Delhi Junction in a distance of 27 km from ASK, which in an absolute view only makes a difference of 6km, but in a relative view it is not advisable because of the heavy volume of traffic at this time of the day. I got the idea that we had to hurry strictly.


When the train came into sight, we started running towards the end of the train. It should be mentioned that this train was special, because it actually are two trains in one: One with destination Jaisalmer, not touching Balotra. The other with destination Barmer via Balotra. We did not only look for the coach with our accommodation berths, but also for the right part of the train. Everything was available double in this train, two times 2nd AC, etc… When we nearly had reached the end of the train and got the chance to ask a conductor, he immediately gave us sign to return. Our 2nd AC was at the front end of the train! When we realised this, the starting signal was audible. As quickly as possible we managed to put the luggage and ourselves in the train. We were standing in the walk, and the train moved faster and faster, what to do? There was no choice than to wait for the longer halt of 2 minutes in an hour or so. Before it only halted for short, felt as split second.

I shyly asked if there was a chance to move forward inside the train and got the answer that we will try this. So we moved four or five coaches ahead. We thought to be very near to the accommodation berth, where we longed to stretch, but for the moment could not get further. The contact door to the next coach was closed. A kind railway employee helped us to open it. But hardly opened, people tumbled inside the walk where we were standing. The next coach was 3rd class and overbooked. Not all passengers enjoyed the privilege of seats. The train was also used by many commuters. I see, no need of seats. But what about us? During the next halt (30 seconds) someone loaded with two suitcases and one bag sprang into our walk. Aha, he also. He wanted to get before the longer halt into his coach, being ours as well. Maybe he was lucky, as looking sportive enough.

After talking with the kind railway employee again, we learned that our coach was not the next as supposed, but at least nine more coaches away! Nobody had been able to guess this. Car position indicator was not available and nobody to ask in operating distance. Very well then, another hour in the walk. At 19:38h we reached the station, and Swami Dharmananda rejoiced, “We are too early!!” Departure was at any case at 19:45h, so we had gained 7 marvelously long minutes for the change to the head of the train.

Rewari junction was our rescue. We succeeded to reach the coach - third after the engine - and just before departure the sportive fellow passenger came in, breathing heavily. But when arriving at the accommodation berths, we were surprised. They had been given away, because we had not appeared so far. But the people who got it were very benevolent and immediately gave them back to us after hearing what had happened. The conductor also was very helpful. So we got the chance to stretch and sleep some time before dawn.      

For this report we have found out the background of our railway adventure. The train gets split at 04:45h in Jodhpur, one part continuing to Jaisalmer, the other to Barmer via Balotra. It is as simple as this. But thanks to this small excitement we came over this wonderful timetable and got to know why had happened what had happened. To railway friends and those who love mental travels we recommend to click on the links to the stations and to drive on our route. There are plenty of photos with railway stations and trains and a good map. A very professional website of Indian railway company with lots to discover, also giving unusual impressions on the subcontinent. Trains mostly are in time. Enjoy it!

A) Delhi - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer
Train #14659
http://indiarailinfo.com/train/delhi-jaisalmer-express-14659-dec-to-ju/15108/351/126 B) Delhi - Jodhpur - Barmer über Balotra
Train #14659-Slip  --> in Jodhpur
# Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt PF Day# Km Speed Elev Zone Address
1 DLI Old Delhi Junction 17:30 -- 1 -14.1 15 219m NR Near Chandni Chowk Metro
Station, Delhi NCT
2 DEE Delhi Sarai Rohilla 17:48 17:50 2m -- 1 -9.7 39 226m NR New Rohtak road,
Delhi NCT
3 DEC» Delhi Cantt.» 18:05 18:07 2m -- 1 0.0 32 217m NR Delhi, Delhi NCT
4 PM Palam 18:14 18:16 2m -- 1 3.8 57 222m NR Sadh Nagar I, Delhi NCT
5 GGN Gurgaon 18:30 18:32 2m -- 1 17.2 66 217m NR Gurgaon, Haryana
6 GHH Garhi Harsaru 18:41 18:43 2m -- 1 27.0 79 219m NR Gurgaon, Haryana
7 PTRD Pataudi Road 18:58 19:00 2m -- 1 46.8 67 227m NR Hailley Mandi, Haryana
8 KIP Khalilpur 19:10 19:12 2m -- 1 58.0 20 235m NR State Highway 26, Haryana
9 RE Rewari Junction 19:43 19:45 2m 11 1 68.5 65 245m NWR Rajput House, Haryana
10 BWL Bawal 19:59 20:01 2m -- 1 83.7 87 266m NWR Bawal, Haryana
11 HSI Harsauli 20:18 20:20 2m -- 1 108.3 52 286m NWR Harsoli, Rajasthan
12 KRH Khairthal 20:29 20:31 2m 2 1 116.1 86 305m NWR Khairthal, Rajasthan
13 AWR Alwar Junction 20:50 20:52 2m -- 1 143.3 72 267m NWR Alwar, Rajasthan
14 MKH Malakhera 21:08 21:10 2m -- 1 162.4 73 265m NWR Mala Khera, Rajasthan
15 RHG Rajgarh 21:24 21:26 2m -- 1 179.4 45 303m NWR Rajgarh, Rajasthan
16 BU Baswa 21:42 21:44 2m -- 1 191.3 69 291m NWR Alwar, Rajasthan
17 BKI Bandikui Junction 21:55 21:57 2m -- 1 203.9 79 283m NWR Bandikui, Rajasthan
18 DO Dausa 22:19 22:21 2m 1 1 232.7 70 333m NWR Dausa, Rajasthan
19 GADJ Jaipur Gandhinagar 23:09 23:11 2m -- 1 288.7 14 426m NWR Jaipur, Rajasthan
20 JP Jaipur Junction 23:35 23:45 10m 2 1 294.2 85 434m NWR ,Jaipur, Rajasthan
21 JOB Asalpur Jobner 00:11 00:13 2m -- 2 330.9 41 379m NWR Jaipur, Rajasthan
22 FL Phulera Junction 00:40 00:42 2m -- 2 349.2 80 387m NWR Phulera, Rajasthan
23 NAC Nawa City 01:08 01:10 2m -- 2 384.0 69 390m NWR Nawa, Rajasthan
24 MKN Makrana Junction 01:36 01:38 2m -- 2 413.8 69 423m NWR Makrana, Rajasthan
25 DNA Degana Junction 02:16 02:18 2m -- 2 457.2 51 339m NWR Degana, Rajasthan
26 MTD Merta Road Junction 03:10 03:15 5m -- 2 501.3 81 322m NWR Phalodi, Rajasthan
27 GOTN Gotan 03:30 03:32 2m -- 2 521.4 93 323m NWR Gotan, Rajasthan
28 RKB Raika Bagh 04:24 04:26 2m -- 2 602.2 7 237m NWR Jodhpur, Rajasthan
29 JU• Jodhpur Junction• 04:45 05:05 20m -- 2 604.5 44 241m NWR Jodhpur, Rajasthan
30 BANE Basni 05:14 05:16 2m -- 2 611.2 76 219m NWR Jodhpur, Rajasthan
31 LUNI Luni Junction 05:36 05:44 8m -- 2 636.4 64 180m NWR Luni, Rajasthan
32 SMR Samdhari Junction 06:30 06:45 15m -- 2 685.1 51 136m NWR Barmer, Rajasthan
33 BLT Balotra Junction 07:24 07:26 2m -- 2 718.0 54 114m NWR Balotra, Rajasthan
34 BUT Baytu 08:22 08:24 2m -- 2 768.0 80 154m NWR SH40, Rajasthan
35 UTL Utarlai 08:52 08:54 2m -- 2 805.3 10 160m NWR Barmer, Rajasthan
36 BME Barmer 09:45 -- 2 814.2 - 193m NWR Barmer, Rajasthan

Delhi - Balotra

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