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HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 05.03 Ladnun: Reunion With Muni Kishan Lalji

Published: 22.03.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015

23rd November 2006, 14:30 - 15:30

Munishrees Kishan Lalji and Neeraj Kumarji

After lunch in the university guesthouse, we met again with Muni Kishan Lalji. Our last encounter seemed yesterday only and not nearly two years ago. Only few people enjoy the present and are neither preoccupied with remembrances of the past, nor imaginations of the future. Apparently, one has to live the life of a saint to dwell in and enjoy the present.

Munishree Kishan Lalji

Muni Kishan Lalji and the Munis of his group had stayed in Ladnun for the whole year 2006. The Munis of his group, Muni Neeraj Kumarji and Muni Himansu Kumarji are in his group since their initiation. As Muni Kishan Lal is deeply involved with Jeevan Vigyan, the close-by Jeevan Vigyan Academy on the campus of Jain Vishva Bharati was helpful for the compilation of his new books thereon. Muni Neeraj Kumar was also present, and we remembered his exceptionally melodious voice. Later, we got a special present from him to share with the readers of HereNow4U, one, performed by him, available online here since some time.

(From l) Samani Punya Pragyaji, Muni Himansu Kumarji, in worldly relations her cousin brother, Karuna Samani Punya Pragyiji well known to Karuna from JVB London Karuna, Samani Punya Pragyaji, Muni Himansu Kumarji, his group leader Muni Kishan Lalji seen in some distance

When we had saluted Munishree, suddenly a voice familiar to us pronounced our names. Samani Punya Pragyaji sat in a short distance with another Samani and Muni Himansu Kumarji who in worldly relations was her cousin brother. We were happy to meet her again after celebrating Paryushan at JVB London together.

Karuna meeting Munishree Kishan Lalji, whom she knows since 7 years Munishree Kishan Lalji talking with Karuna Munishree Kishan Lalji

After respectful salutation, we learned that our arrival & schedule in Ladnun was already known to Muni Kishan Lalji. Incredible system of information! We had in vain tried to contact him and did not even know if he was present there or on tour to some remote area for workshops or lecture.

Munishree Kishan Lalji Munishree Kishan Lalji
Munishree Kishan Lalji Karuna honours the Muni with the bowls

Then it was time for the monks’ meal before sunrise. They came with their Gochari bowl, and we felt happy to contribute with some fruits to their frugal meal.

Karuna giving food to Munishree Kishan Lalji Series of books on 'Science of Living' authored by Munishree Kishan Lalji Munishree Kishan Lalji and Aparigraha showing a poster on 'Science of Living'

After some time, we took photos of books and instruction material authored and compiled by Muni Kishan Lalji and agreed upon time for evening meditation under his guidance.

Munishree Kishan Lalji Munishree Kishan Lalji Munishree Kishan Lalji

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