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Acharya Tulsi - Fifty Years Of Selfless Dedication: A Spiritual Experience ◄Baroon Frary Von Blomberg

Published: 07.07.2012
Updated: 02.07.2015

Baroon Frary Von Blomberg
Boston, America

T he visit to Jain headquarters and contact with Acharyashri Tulsi was a profound spiritual experience that has made a strong impression on me. For many years I have realized that all problems can be solved only through spiritual means.

The world has tried diplomacy, politics, force, atom bombs, material means - all have failed. I myself am a Christian and I see clearly that the Jain philosophy embraces all faiths and all beliefs.

Again, today, as never before, the world needs a spiritual unity. Why are we working often against one another at a time when the world is on fire, when if we worked together in true spiritual love, all could be accomplished?

My hourly prayer is to be completely spiritual, to be sincere in all I think and do. The obvious happiness of the Jains, in spite of all renunciation of material things, is so evident. Perhaps I should not say 'in spite of' but because of this renunciation!

I should like to see Jainism, and that for which it stands, expand to each country. It can be nothing but a blessing.

I believe it was God that placed me in touch with Acharyashri Tulsi - it was His hand that placed in mine the booklet telling of the Jains and brought their representatives to call on me when I was at my hotel in Bombay. I am grateful for this experience.

My activities take me to many countries of the world, constantly travelling, meeting all types and classes of people. Always I find the greatest curse to be fear. Fear of war, fear of future, fear of loss, fear of possessions, fear of health, fear, fear, fear! For fear let us substitute trust and faith. Faith that universal peace will finally come. History teaches us time and again that wars only breed more wars, that no one is ever a victor, but all are tragic losers.

We must always strive to attain the perfection that leads to Salvation and to the attainment of Godhood. Lies, criticism of others, worldly ambi­tions all must be sacrificed, replaced by true love for all - regardless of race, creed, colour.

We must all go forward together, hand in hand, to the final goal. I believe that Anuvrat Sangh can be the real, the potent force for permanent world peace, that slowly and surely the movement can infiltrate the world.

Truth is the foundation of Jain philosophy. With truth we can do all. Our destiny is in our own hands. We can create for ourselves happiness or misery.

The West has great need for Jainism. The faiths of East and West can each contribute to the other. Love and truth are in them. There are no differences there.

We must build bridges of understanding over the great chasms of prejudice which exist in the world today. Again, this can only be done through the spiritual.

Acharya Tulsi - Fifty Years Of Selfless Dedication
Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun
Shrichand Bengani


R.P. Bhatnagar


● S.L. Gandhi
● Rajul Bhargava, Department of English, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
● Ashok K. Jha, Department of English, LBS College, Jaipur

First Edition, 1985-2000

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