Jain Vidya (2): Result of Simplicity

Published: 27.01.2018

Every one loves a child. If we try to find out why it is so, we will come to know that it is because of its simplicity which endears it to all. Some people are very intelligent but they are not simple and straighforward so they do not appear dear to any one. There are others who are not intelligent but are simple-hearted, hence we develop affection towards them.

Sometimes the words uttered in a simple way create so deep impact on the mind of a person that even a big evil is uprooted. Long ago, a village boy of an Arabian country was going to a city in the company of a tribal family for studying. His father had died. Before he departed, his mother had put some gold coins in a pocket of his clothes and stitched it. She said to him, "Study whole-heartedly in the city, never tell a lie. Whenever it becomes necessary, sell the gold coins and get your work done." The boy set out with this piece of his mother's advice. On the way robbers surrounded the tribal family and robbed them of what they had but they remained unaware of the gold coins stitched in a pocket of his clothes. Therefore, they were left intact with the boy. After having looted everything the robbers said at the end, "If any one has some more precious things, place them here. "The boy came forward at once and showing the gold coins kept in a stitched pocket of his clothes he said, "I have these gold coins."

The robbers were charmed by his simplicity. They began to think, "If this boy had not told us about them, we would not have come to know that he has gold coins. But he himself has disclosed the secret to us. They asked him, "Why did you tell us about them?" The boy replied with the same tone of simplicity, "When I started from home, my mother had told me, "never tell a lie. So I told you the truth." The robbers were astonished at the boy's simplicity.

They thought to themselves, "Look at us, who organize robberies the whole day long and look at this small boy who obeys his mother's advice and refrains from telling a he." Their hearts were transformed. They returned all the wealth of the tribal family immediately and gave up committing robberies in the future.

Though it is small incident but if we look at its result, we will realize that anything expressed in a simple way can also create a big impact.

It was during the freedom struggle that an Indian used to visit Gandhiji's ashram as a British spy. He used to send the daily informations about ashram to Britishers. Gandhiji, anyhow, came to know about it. Hence he said to him, "why do you take so much trouble, I will myself give all the details of my activities." The person was deeply impressed by Gandhi's gesture. Next day, when he came at the fixed time, Gandhiji put his daily diary before him. This became a routine affair. When the officials got so accurate information, they were surprised and asked about the reason behind it. He told them everything candidly that Gandhiji himself made all that information available to him. When they heard it, their surprise grew all the more. They thought to themselves, 'The man whom we consider our enemy and use every method to run him down is so straightforward and simple towards us. Then, how shall we be able to fight with him?" They bowed their heads in reverence to Gandhi.

This example makes us realize that simplicity is not only our dharma but a far-reaching policy too.


  1. Why were the robbers impressed by the boy?
  2. How did Gandhiji become worthy of Britisher's respect?
  3. What inspiration do you derive from the incidents narrated in this lesson?
Title: Jain Vidya (2)
Editor: Muni Sumermal (Sudarshan)
Translation: Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Publisher: Samana Sanskriti Sankaya, Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
20th Edition: 2013
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