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3rd IMPC Lecture: Svash Preksha - Perception Of Long Breathing

Published: 19.01.2005
Updated: 25.10.2010

International Preksha Meditation Camp

1. Objectives of Svash Preksha

  • To develop consciousness free from negative emotions
  • To train the mind to focus in one direction for longer period of time
  • To live in the present moment
  • To accomplish success and fulfilment

2. Spiritual Basis of Svash Preksha

  • A technique of developing deep concentration
  • An important process of awakening dormant potentials
  • Voluntary and involuntary technique
  • A powerful agent between internal and external world
  • A strong connection between mind, body, emotions and breath
  • Receiver and carrier of vital energy

3. Scientific Basis of Svash Preksha

  • The longer and slower the breathing, the greater is the production and availability of energy
  • Supplies abundant oxygen to each cell of body
  • Normal breath rate: 15-17 per minute. In over-activity or excitement, it goes up to 50 or more Scientific or diaphragmatic breathing means use of diaphragm, intercostals and clavicular muscles
  • The longer the breath, the more longevity and good health
  • Releases mental and emotional tension

4. Benefits of Svash Preksha

  • Keeps the mind alert and relax
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reinforces vital energ
  • Sharpens the reasoning mind
  • Enhances concentration and memory power
  • Promotes inner happiness
  • Respiration is not mechanical but with conscious
  • Operational efficiency and creativity increases
  • Practice of pure perception
  • Restlessness and anxiety vanishes
  • Complete breathing taps the primary sources of bio energy

5. The Process of Svash Preksha

  • Relaxed posture with closing eyes
  • Concentration on breathing making it slow, long and rhythmic while inhalation, abdominal muscles expand
  • While exhalation, abdominal muscles contract
  • Feel the vibrations of breath at belly button
  • Don't force to make it long
  • Observation of each breath stops the chain of thoughts automatically
  • Holding the breath leads towards thoughtlessness
  • Experience inner tranquillity and peace

Samani Charitra Pragya's lectures held during 3rd IPMC:


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