3rd IMPC Lecture: Antaryatra - Internal Journey

Published: 18.01.2005
Updated: 25.10.2010

International Preksha Meditation Camp

1. Objectives of Antaryatra

  • To rejuvenate vital energy
  • To cultivate introvert personality
  • To enter into inner world
  • To create strong foundation for meditation

2. Spiritual Basis of Antaryatra

  • To feel the subtle vibrations of vital energy inside the Sushumna [spinal cord]
  • A process of uplifting the energy from the center of lust to the center of knowledge
  • A technique of awakening Sushumna
  • To establish equilibrium between Ida and Pingula
  • To activate 'Kundalini Shakti'
  • To overcome negative emotions

3. Scientific Basis of Antaryatra

  • Nervous system governs and controls body functions
  • Sushumna is an important nerve of central nervous system
  • The imbalance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system leads to abnormal behaviour and creates extrovert personality
  • Conscious mind regulates the functions of central nervous system

4. Benefits of Antaryatra

  • Physical- strengthens nervous system
  • Mental - revitalizes mental power
  • Emotional - stabilizes emotions and keeps balance Develops and harmonizes the flow of ' Pran’

5. The Process of Antaryatra

  • Sitting / standing relaxed posture
  • Concentrate at the center of Energy [bottom of spinal cord]
  • Uplift the flow of energy towards the center of Knowledge [top of head]
  • Undertake the inner journey through the spinal cord
  • While exhalation move upward, inhalation come down
  • Feel the subtle vibrations of vital energy taking place inside the Sushumna In the initial stage, practice for 2-5 minutes. Eventually increase the time

Samani Charitra Pragya's lectures held during 3rd IPMC:

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