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3rd IMPC Lecture: Sharir Preksha - Perception Of Body

Published: 21.01.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015

International Preksha Meditation Camp

1. Objectives of Sharir Preksha

  • To comprehend real existence
  • To give up attraction towards material world
  • To make conscious mind to observe subtle phenomena

2. Spiritual Basis of Sharir Preksha

  • Innumerable mysteries of body are unravelled
  • Change in the direction of flow of vital energy
  • Identification of the origin of urges and emotions
  • Influence of emotions on behavioural pattern
  • Inner journey to unlock internal gates
  • Five types of Pran
  1. Pran - vital energy flows in the nose
  2. Apan - flows in the rectum
  3. Saman - flows in the belly button
  4. Udan - flows in the heart
  5. Vyan - flows through the layers of skin

3. Scientific Basis of Sharir Preksha

  • Body is made of 60 trillion cells
  • Body produces pain killers like endorphin
  • Inbuilt curing system is enhanced
  • Bio-chemical reaction of every cell could be altered by positive thought
  • Therapeutic thinking establishes mind - body relation
  • Can cure serious diseases without dangerous drugs and medicines
  • Comprehend neurotransmitters and its effect on mind and body

4. Benefits of Sharir Preksha

  • Perceive subtle vibrations occurring at organic level, cellular level
  • Experience of transmission of electric impulses from nerve to nerve
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Keeping the body young and healthy by this cleansing process
  • Adequate supply of nutrition access to each cell of body
  • A process of looking and seeing one's own self
  • Aware of transformation and transmutation taking place at subtle level
  • At higher level, the perception transcends the sensory field and opens the gate of ESP
  • Increases awareness of conscious mind

5. The Process of Sharir Preksha

  • Have the knowledge at the different organs and its functions, their locations
  • Relax the body and practice long breathing
  • Concentrate on each and every part and organ of the body from big tae to top of head Gradually move from one organ to another and perceive the subtle vibrations
  • Stay at each point for a while and be aware of subtle phenomena
  • Observe them without like and dislike
  • Undertake this journey inside the body
  • In advance level perceive the whole body all together and feel the flow of vital energy
  • Conclude with long breathing

Samani Charitra Pragya's lectures held during 3rd IPMC:

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