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3rd IMPC Lecture: Jyoti Kendra Preksha - Perception of Center of Enlightenment

Published: 20.01.2005
Updated: 25.10.2010

International Preksha Meditation Camp

1. Objectives of Jyoti Kendra Preksha

  • Pacification of negative emotions
  • Attainment of peace and inner harmony

2. Spiritual Basis of Jyoti Kendra Preksha

  • A wakening of psychic center
  • White colour perception changes the personality

3. Scientific Basis of Jyoti Kendra Preksha

  • Connected to pineal gland
  • Produces melatonin hormones
  • Controls the function of adrenal gland

4. Process of Jyoti Kendra Preksha

  • Relaxing posture with long breathing
  • Visualize bright white colour at this center located in the middle of forehead Experience the soothing rays on your forehead
  • Suggest that all negative emotions are being pacified

Samani Charitra Pragya's lectures held during 3rd IPMC


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      • Terapanth
        • Preksha Meditation
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