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Posted: 16.01.2016


Samani Parimal Pragya

Samani Maryada Pragya


Last Sunday, JVB community was in full presence to witness a warm & memorable farewell to both the Samaniji's.The Program started with the President thanking both the Samaniji's with an Interesting Poem.
Senior most class of Charitra group welcomed the audience by singing a New Year Geet followed by Video recorded farewell messages of Arham, Gyan & Darshan group of JVB Gyanshala. There was a short video presentation of JVB's Eventful year of 2015.

JVB Gyanshala parents presented an entertaining mime skit on Don't Touch... Paap. Interesting quiz game on Samanijis year around Pravachans  on 11 Paap kept the audience engaged.

Heartfelt speeches and farewell bhajan of Arham Bhajan Mandali were also part of the cultural program.

In Closing, Samani Parimal Pragyaji's farewell lecture on Five elements of the Body and the appreciation of dedicated members of JVB Community working tirelessly behind the scenes was the highlight of this event.

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JVB center is all set to take its 7 minute presentation on Don't Touch, Otherwise..., a silent mime skit by JVB Gyanshala parents to ICC Republic Day celebrations at Stafford Center on Sunday, 24th January. 


  • January 17th & 31st  Gyanshala for Kids. No Sunday Pravachan as Samanijis are travelling to India.

  • February 7th  First Informative I-Choose Session of the Year from 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM on “How to Optimize your Taxes” by Mr. M.B.Shintri (CPA/Tax Consultant).

  • March 25th - 27th  3- Day Annual Family Camp in the calm & scenic surroundings of Camp Woodmen Facility in Bellville, Tx.

Amit Sacheti 

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