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Posted: 27.03.2020
By Acharya Tulsi
Every year new and new years are observed in international horizon. One year ends, new calendar is printed. Old calendar is brought down. It is then of no use. Simply it is used as waste-paper. Whether is it not the fate of international years? Once it is youth-year or women-year or year of peace or year of inl1abitation—something and something. When these years end, what do they leave behind? Sometimes...
Posted: 27.03.2020
By Acharya Mahaprajna
It is fortunate to be spiritual. It is a rare phenomenon to search fortruth beyond physical matter in this materialistic world. Being spiritual means, the person wants to go beyond sensual awareness and lead a life at the level of higher consciousness. It is to believe that matter is neither his identity nor his aim. He engages himself in the pursuit of the soul. To search for the soul means to know the self...
Posted: 26.03.2020
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Diversity in thoughts is an eternal part of human nature. The history of diverse thoughts begins with the history of birth of the human thinking ability. Freedom of thought is of course necessary for each human being. Thoughts of a person become social when they are useful for the society. Ideas with strong persistence or selfishness divide the communities. Difference in ideas has been a prominent factor in the...

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