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Posted: 18.02.2020
By Acharya Tulsi
Much more is talked about non-violence. Several sermons are showered, but there is no arrangement for its training. In family life, social or national life, nothing is discussed about the use of non-violence. In the absence of its use, training becomes merely vocal. In view of this, serious thought is required in to it. Original point of thought is based on the search for non- violence. What is...
Posted: 18.02.2020
By Acharya Mahaprajna
What is 'To know? Invisible does not exist - if this is true, then the whole world will disappear. Suppose you are in a closed room. Does everything out of the room cease its existence? It is not justified. If you cannot see any object, it does not mean that it does not exist. Many people say, 'How can we accept that the soul exists when we cannot see it.' Sometimes, even monks may think - 'We are accepting...

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