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Posted: 01.04.2020
By Acharya Tulsi
Soul of the man has enormous power. Inner involvement arouses power. Awakening of power or the path of progress is free from any blockade. If full power arouses, there is no danger. If there is any danger, that is related with its application. If we are not prudent or we have no control over the application of power, beneficial powers may be disadvantageous. Scientific inventions of this age are...
Posted: 01.04.2020
By Acharya Mahaprajna
1. Shobha Chandji Shobhaji was an exclusive and renowned shravak of AcharyaBhikshu. He belonged to Kothari family of Kelava. In VikramSamvat (v.s.) 1817, his father Netasi accepted AcharyaBhikshu as his Guru (Shobhaji was then in his mother's womb) during the first chaaturmaas of AcharyaBhikshu. As he was born in a religious family, Shobhaji had inclinations towards religion since an early age. He had immense...

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