Posted: 17.10.2013
Sri Jinaya namah Dear all this is a video presentation of the valedictory function celebrated on the concluding day of a three day Jaina Philosophy teaching programme. The venue was Sri Adhi Bhagwan Digamber Jinalayam-Adampakkam-Chennai. The programme was designed and conducted by Acharya Kuntha Kuntha Jaina Philosophy Propagation centre, Kuntha Kuntha Hill (Ponnur hill) 7KM from Vandavasi town,Thiruvannamalai...
Posted: 13.10.2013
A Three day Jaina philosophy teaching programme was inaugurated on 11-10-2013 at Sri Adhi Bhagwan Digamber Jinalayam -Adampakkam-Chennai. This programme is designed,and implemented by Acharya Kuntha Kuntha Jaina Philosophy Propagation Centre- Kuntha Kuntha Hill (Ponnur Hill),Vandavasi taluk, Thiruvannamala Dt.Tamilnadu. For the past three decades this programme has been carried out at different places.twice or...
Posted: 03.07.2013
M.A in Jainlogy degree course being offered by University of Madras, Chennai, India. Dr. Priya is the HOD of the department. Flyer:
Posted: 12.12.2009
The Department of Jainology was established in the University of Madras in 1983 on the eve of 125th year of establishment of the University. It was inaugurated by the President of India, Giani Zail Singh and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The Department was established as an Endowment Department by the Research Foundation for Jainology but is now a regular department in the mainstream. The Primary objective...

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