Posted: 30.08.2012
Swasti Shri Charukeerti Bhattarak ji of Moodbidri visited Atlanta Jain Temple during weekend of August 2012 and had a very eventful weekend including his lectures. Sthapana of Shri Adinath Bhagawan and Shri Siddha Bhagawan Murtis, and Laghu Siddha Chakra Vidhaan in Shri 1008 Mahaveer Swami Digambar Temple. Since Year 2008 Pratishta, this is the biggest event here.
Posted: 03.11.2010
What Jains Teach Preview of a 42-minute documentary on Spiritual Teachings by Samani Charitra Pragya and Samani Unnata Pragya Indianapolis June 2009 VIDEO:
Posted: 25.10.2010
Samani Charitra Pragya Samani Prasanna Pragya By Babulal Banthia Samani Charitra Pragya and Samani Prasanna Pragya were invited by our Jain community of Indianapolis. There are about 35 to 40 Jain families of various denominations in and around Indianapolis. They are typical mixture of various professions, such as medical doctors, engineers, IT professional, business people, scientists, and many other...
Posted: 24.04.2009
Dr. Sushil Jain from Washington, DC, metropolitan area has received the 2009 “Award of Excellence” from International Jain Sangh (IJS) of New Jersey at the Mahavir Jayanti celebration program on April 19, 2009. Each year IJS honors an exceptionally worthy person, who has visibly and verifiably demonstrated a great service to further the teachings of Lord Mahavir including peace, nonviolence, education, and...

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