Posted: 27.11.2016
By Sadhvi Samata Prabha
Preksha Life Skill - A Way To Win Lao Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a Single step." This reflection inspires us to embark on a journey that can steer us from darkness to light, and from bondage to freedom. It awakens our consciousness, helping us surmount darkness and karmic bondage. The world today is beleaguered with constant conflict and war between and within countries, communities,...
Posted: 24.11.2016
By Dr. Sulekh Chand Jain
Should My Conscience Bother Me - You Decide Courtesy: http:/ The title of this article may appear catchy, but this is how a friend of mine from North Carolina started his conversation when he called me last week. He mentioned that he has come to know (directly or indirectly) of at least 3 families of Indian origin in North America who changed their religious following when...
Posted: 21.11.2016
The Infrequently Asked Questions? Over the years of teaching entrepreneurship and being an entrepreneur as well as mentor to some , I have come across some queries which stumped me and some which are just out of this world! I have put down a few with my bits on the same. The identities of the individuals have been hidden on request Q . I am getting stretched at my venture.need more hands am short on funds...
Posted: 20.11.2016
Evaluation Of Director's Performance In Light Of New Company Law As a step towards inculcating good corporate governance, various stipulations have been imposed under the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules made thereunder and also the Clause 49 of the listing agreement has been revised vide notification dated 14.07.2014 in order to incorporate similar provisions for the listed companies in line with the...
Posted: 19.11.2016
Terapanth Perspective from the eyes of a professional Disclaimer: This is a humble attempt to link philosophies of Terapanth with our daily lives in a simple and candid writing. Please read this piece of writing as a simple reminder note prompting you for further thinking and action. Every religion has a set of principles and rituals to practice its philosophy. Our own great religion Terapanth, following the...
Posted: 16.11.2016
By Sadhvi Maulik Yasha
TIME Jainism v/s Science Time is one of the deepest mysteries known to man. No one can say exactly what it is. Yet, the ability to measure time makes humen way of life possible. Most of the activities involve groups of people acting together in the same place at the same time. People could not do this if they did not measure time in the same way. One way of thinking about time is to imagine a world without...
Posted: 15.11.2016
By Muni Rajneesh Kumar
Spiritual Initiation Constitution of Terapanth Extracted from: "Rahasya Bhikshu Ke" Question 1: What the time period prior to initiation to spiritual life of Acharya Bhikshu was called? Answer: Usha Kaal (The Dawn). Question 2: When, where and in which direction did Saint Bhikhanji and other saints accept Bhav Diksha (spiritual initiation)? Answer: On Full Moon Day of Aashadh in V.S. 1817; 29thJune 1760 AD, the...
Posted: 13.11.2016
By Sadhvi Pramukha Mahashramani Kanakprabha
Acharya Tulsi - Fifty Years of Selfless Dedication Man has infinite potentialities which can be realized only if they become a part of everyday living. A life without an aim is a life without any potentiality. When life has a purpose, and a desire for change, new possibilities emerge and new hopes arise. Acharya Tulsi, propounder of Anuvrat, was a great roving ascetic. His long and ceaseless marches had a...
Posted: 12.11.2016
By Acharya Tulsi
Acharya TuIsi as Management Guru Taken from: Organizations or companies or corporations - whatever name we may call them and whatever size they may be, they are clearly playing an increasingly bigger role in the world and in our lives. This may sound like a dramatic statement, but today's world with its large populations, complex and interconnected global economy has...
Posted: 11.11.2016
By Acharya Mahashraman
Excerpt from his book "Dukh - Mukti Ka Marg" There are three words in Hindi vocabulary which sound negative, but are the most positive words as far as the meaning is concerned i.e. - Anavesh (Calmness), Anasakti (Detachment) and Anagrah (humbleness). In Hindi grammar, we usually add "An " to get the antonym of the word. In the same way, we add "An " in Aavesh (Anger) to make the word "Anavesh". Anavesh...
Posted: 27.08.2016
TPF Communique AUG-SEP 2016
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The TPF Vol 1 Issue 2
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