Posted: 10.09.2009
By Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi
62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi - the moderator of the Afternoon Workshop "Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction And Dismantling Terror Through the Power of Nonviolence" on 9th Sept. in Roon Museo FRANZ MEYER (AUDITORIO), Mexico City. Security Has Been the Basic Concern of Humanity Ever since the advent of civilization the main problem that humanity has faced is that of security. Even...
Posted: 08.09.2009
62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference Welcome to the 62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference The 62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference is being held in Mexico City under the banner “For Peace and Development: Disarm Now!” Participants from around the world will gather from 9 to 11 September, 2009, to discuss how they can contribute to reducing arms while advancing peace. The current global economic and food crises have...

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