Posted: 27.11.2015
BBC News Video: 18.11.2015 Antoine Leiris lost his wife Helene in the Bataclan theatre in Paris. His Facebook tribute to his wife and challenge to her killers has since been shared thousands of times. Mr Leiris read out the letter to BBC News in Paris. Video journalist: Mohamed Madi
Posted: 28.03.2015
BBC News Magazine Monitor A collection of cultural artefacts 24 March 2015 Samani Pratibha Pragya (right) relies on the Jain community Monks and nuns who strictly adhere to Jainism have to abide by a complex set of dietary rules, writes Rajeev Gupta. "People may think our life is difficult but for me our way of life is much easier to live," says Samani Pratibha Pragya. She is a practising Jain "monk". In the...
Posted: 25.02.2010
BBC News Audio slideshow: Temples in the sky Each year, about half a million people make a pilgrimage to 1,500 temples of the Jain religion, perched high on a hill overlooking the town of Palitana in Gujarat, western India. The ornate buildings make up one of the holiest sites for Jain followers - who believe in lives of harmlessness and think that animals and plants, as well as human beings, contain living...
Posted: 11.01.2010
BBC News By Sanjoy Majumder BBC News, Palitana, Gujarat Inside an Indian Jain faith temple Palitana is a sleepy town in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Perched high on a hill overlooking the town is a network of 1,500 exquisite temples. For followers of the Jain faith this is a place of major significance. It is the world's highest concentration of Jain temples - they are packed in dense clusters to enable...

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