Posted: 01.04.2016
Samavasaran Temple Samavasaran Temple Samavasaran Temple
Posted: 24.03.2016
Satrunjaya is an ancient Jain place of pilgrimage where it is believed that Pundarika, the main disciple of the first Jain Tirthankara Adinatha, obtained enlightenment. On the two summits of the hill, which rise 600 m above the plain around the town of Palitana, there are many hundreds of multi-spired temples. Everyday pilgrims come to pay reverence to a variety of Jain saints. The sanctuaries are grouped in...
Posted: 14.03.2016
Photograph of the Jain temples on Mount Shatrunjaya near Palitana in Gujarat, taken by an unknown photographer, from an album of 40 prints dating from the 1860s. Adherents of the Jain religion are most numerous in Western India and Rajasthan and Gujarat are particularly rich in Jain temples. The sites of Girnar and Shatrunjaya in Gujarat are so crowded with hundreds of temples that they are often described as...
Posted: 03.06.2015
By Nitin H.P.
Jain Heritage Centres Vighnahar Parshwanath Digambar Jain Temple History: The ancient idol of Lord Parshwanath is very miraculous and has a huge followership from people of all religious faiths. The idol was recovered from village Tulagaon in Gujarat. A devotee dreamt about the existence of this idol at Tulagaon and then the idol was found there. Later the idol was brought to Mahua and installed in the...
Posted: 20.01.2013
Suthari Jain Temple photo: kunalshahphotography photo: dayaramjansari Shri Parshvanath - Ghrutakallola - Suthari photo: Jain website
Posted: 06.01.2013
Outside: Shri Hathisingh Jain Mandir, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Source: NowhereMan1512 Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Source: Dawson Russell Inside: Source:...
Posted: 27.12.2012
SHATRUNJAYA GIRI - PALITANA Mulnayak: Nearly 216 cms. high, white-colored and brightly shining idol of Bhagawan Adishvar with a serene and peaceful face and in the Padmasana posture. Location: 57, Kms. from Sonagarh, Gujarat, India.The nearest railway station is Palitana. It is at a distance of 48 kilometers from Bhavnagar and 30 kilometers from Shihor. Bus service and private vehicles are available here. The...
Posted: 16.08.2012
Hathee Singh Temple at Ahmedabad The Hathee Singh Temple at Ahmedabad is a very famous Jain temple and also one of the most popular temples of the city. The temple has been named after its founder Seth Hathee Singh, a prosperous Jain merchant, and is now one of the well known holy places of the Jains in Gujarat. The temple, built in white marble, is a double storied construction with elaborate porches on three...
Posted: 16.08.2012
Shri Parshvanath Mahavir Jain Temple at Kalupur is located at Relief Road in Kalupur quarter, Dhan Suthare Pole, of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sculptures: Image of Shri Shastraphana Parshvanath Image of Shri Adeshwar Bhagavan Image of Shri Adeshwar Bhagavan Image of Shri Abhinandan Swami
Posted: 14.08.2012
Simandhar Swami Jain Derasar, also know as Shri Nandigram Jain Temple at Bhilad, is a modern Jain temple located near Bhilad in Valsad district of Gujarat. The foundation of the temple was celebrated on Vaisakh Sudh 6th (10th May), 1989. Shri Nandigram Jain Temple, located south of Bhilad, Gujarat. Photo Gallery [1]: Photo Gallery [2]: Photo Gallery [3]:
Posted: 07.08.2012
Vanki is a small village in Kutch district of Gujarat, situated between Bhuj and Mundra. Jain Temple at Vanki is situated at the southern periphery of the village. The rectangular temple, which is dedicated to Lord Mahavir (mulnayak), is surrounded by extensive grounds and framed by an outer wall. Exterior: Jain Temple at Vanki, Gujarat.
Posted: 02.08.2012
Image of Adinath Bhagawan in a replica of Kailash Parvat at Taranga Hill Jain Temples, situated near Mehsana, Gujarat.
Posted: 01.08.2012
Moti Shah Temple, situated on the top of the Siddhacha Hills near Palitana, Gujarat.
Posted: 29.07.2012
Jain Temples of Girnar, situated near Junagdh, Gujarat.
Posted: 29.07.2012
Image of Shri Neminath Bhagawan in Neminath Derasar at Jamnagar, situated near Chandi Bazar, Gujarat.
Posted: 24.07.2012
Image Shri Chandraprabha Bhagwan in Shri Oswal Colony Derasar at Jamnagar, Gujarat.
Posted: 23.07.2012
Image of Shri Ghantakarna Vir in Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Temple at Mahudi, Gujarat.
Posted: 23.07.2012
Image of Shri Shankheswar Parswanath Bhagavan in Parshwanath Jain Temple at Shankheshwar, Gujarat.
Posted: 21.07.2012
Shri Parashnath Mandir at Patan, Gujarat.
Posted: 18.07.2012
Shri Adinath Temple at Ramsan, located south of Dhanera, Gujarat.
Posted: 07.07.2012
Image of Shri Ajitnath Bhagwan in Jain Temple at Ranuj village, situated near Mehsana, Gujarat.
Posted: 02.06.2012
Samosaran Jain temple at the base of Shatrunjaya Hill, situated near Palitana Jain Temples of Mt. Shatrunjaya, Gujarat.
Posted: 22.05.2012
Shri Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra at Kobra, Gujarat. Every year on 22nd May at 2.07 pm sun rays fall on forehead (known as Surya Tilak) of Shri Mahavir Swami at Koba Jain Temple, situated near Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Highway in Gujarat, India, since on May 22nd, Acharya Kailashsagar Suriswarji died in Koba Jain Aradhana Kendra. "Koba, a small village, is on Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Highway, Gujarat India. Since then...
Posted: 14.05.2012
Ayodhyapuram Tirth at Vallabhipur, Gujarat. This temple has very big Pratimaji of Shri Adinath Bhagavan
Posted: 09.05.2012
Shri Adeshwar Bhagavan, Shree Zalawad Visha Shrimali Murtipujak Jain Sangh, Shefali Centre, Paldi quarter of Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Posted: 08.05.2012
Ayodhyapuram Tirth at Vallabhipur, Gujarat.
Posted: 03.05.2012
Shri Kothara Tirth, Kothara, District Abdasa, Kutch, Gujarat.
Posted: 01.05.2012
Shri Shreyansh Nath Bhagavan, Village Nenava, near Tharad, Gujarat
Posted: 23.04.2012
Shri Padma Prabh Swami Bhagavan, Mahudi Tirth, near Vijapur, Gujarat.
Posted: 18.04.2012
Shri Vimal Nath Bhagavan, Adeshwar Jain Temple at Athwa, Surat, Gujarat.
Posted: 17.04.2012
Savatthi Tirthdam at Bavla The origin of Savatthi Tirthdam Who can separate the waves of sea? Who can count the sunrays? Who can measure the dust particles lying beneath the earth? Who can count the stars of the Universe? Then who could measure the creation of holiness of the pilgrimage? The same kind of pilgrimage has been created on the land of Gujarat. The history repeats itself, because the same cultural...
Posted: 16.04.2012
Shri Manmohan Parswanath Bhagvan, Kamboi near Mehsana, Gujarat.
Posted: 09.04.2012
Shri Sambhav Nath Bhagavan, Savatthi Tirthdam, located near Bavla on Ahmedabad - Rajkot High Way, Gujarat
Posted: 09.04.2012
Jain Mandir at village Raska, on Ahmedabad - Mehamadabad highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Posted: 05.04.2012
Shri Shanti Nath Bhagavan, Revati Nagar, Vasana, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Posted: 01.04.2012
Shri Saraswati Devi, Jain Tirth Rantej, 30 km from Mehsana, Gujarat.
Posted: 30.03.2012
Shri Shanti Nath Bhagwan, Padra near Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat.
Posted: 29.03.2012
Shri Adinath Bhagwan, Sarelavadi, Ghoddoad, Banker Derasar, Surat, Gujarat.
Posted: 26.03.2012
Shri Sumati Nath Bhagavan, Talaja Tirth, Talaja near Bhavnagar, Gujarat.
Posted: 24.03.2012
Shri Ghantakarna Dev, Mahudi Tirth, Mahudi (70 km from Ahmedabad), Gujarat.
Posted: 23.03.2012
Mulnayak of Shri Aglod Manibhadra Vir Tirtha, located in Aglod near Vijapur, Gujarat.
Posted: 16.03.2012
Shri Parswanath Bhagavan, Ghogha Tirth, Ghogha, near Bhavnagar, Gujarat.
Posted: 14.03.2012
Shri Chandraprabh Swami, Manund Jain Mandir, near Mehsana, Gujarat.
Posted: 05.03.2012
Shri Dharma Nath Bhagwan, Chintamani ni seri, Radhanpur, Gujarat.
Posted: 03.03.2012
Shri Ajitnath Bhagavan, Taranga Tirth, Gujarat.
Posted: 23.02.2012
Shri Adinath Bhagavan, Shri Hastigiri Tirth, near Shatrunjaya, Palitana, Gujarat.
Posted: 14.02.2012
Shri Vasupujya Bhagavan, Kanch nu Derasar, Palitana, Gujarat.
Posted: 09.02.2012
Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Temple at Mahudi This derasar, considered to be one of the most sacred Jain pilgrimages, is situated in Mahudi, Mehsana District, and spreads over an area of two square kilometers. In ancient times, the place was known as Madhumati. The idols and artistic remains recovered from the ground show that the history of this place is nearly 2000 years old, based on the inscriptions in Brahmi...
Posted: 07.02.2012
Shri Neminath Bhagavan, Girnar Jain Temples, Junagadh, Gujarat.
Posted: 05.02.2012
Shri Kothara Jain Tirth, Kutch, Gujarat.

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