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Posted: 12.09.2016

“Om Namah Siddibahyo”

Seventh day of Dashalakshna Maha parva: Uttama Tapa (Penance or Austerities) - Practice austerities to check the worldly allurements (attraction/arousing) both inside & outside.

a) This does not mean only fasting but also includes diet habit, first & the foremost thing is to not eat any form of Non veg food at any circumstance throughout the life, then restrict certain food/drink - Madhu, Madya, Mamsa, rooted vegetables, avoiding tasty & spicy foods. The purpose of penance is to keep desires and passions in control. Over-indulgence inevitably leads to misery. Penance leads to an influx of Punya karmas.
b) Meditation check the desires and passions that binding to soul. In a deep state of meditation the desire to intake food will not arise, will power gets stronger, feel confident.
Tirthankara Adinath Bhagwan was in such a meditative (Tapaya) state for six months, during which he observed Nischay Uttam Tapa. The only food he consumed during these six months was the happiness from within.

The practice of both Upavas (Fasting-outside) and Dhanya (meditation-inside) together is Nischay Uttam Tapa Dharma.

Note: We request all the members to start Dashalakshan Parva practising (Promise yourself) to speak less, to be calm, to be polite, to be humble, to be good, to be content, to be self control, to be happy, to forgive, to detached from un wanted and practice to continue the same in your daily life.

Jai Jinendra

Tomorrow Eighth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Tyaga (Renunciation) - To give four fold charities - Ahara (food), Abhaya (fearlessness), Aushadha (medicine), and Shastra Dana (distribution of Holy Scriptures), and to patronize social and religious institutions for self and other uplifts.

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