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Posted: 18.09.2016
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Jain Center of Southern California

Mahamantra Shri Navkar Bhasya Jaap Details & RSVP Link



We are happy to announce that, we will have Shri Navkar MahaMantra Bhasya Jaap Anusthan,at Jain Center in presence of Special Yantra from Mumbai, India.
The details are as follows:

Program: Shri Navkar Mahamantra Bhasya Jaap Anusthan followed by lunch.
Coordinator: Smt Jayshriben Doshi, Mumbai, India
Special Yantra: Shri Navkar Maha Yantra 68 Tirth Maha Mantra Bhashy Jaap
Time: 10:00 am on Saturday, 24th September, 2016
Venue: Jain Center, Buena Park, CA.
About Mahamantra Bhasya Jaap Anusthan:
Bhasya Jaap is a kind of reciting Navkar Mantra loudly all together in four sessions, every time in different Mudra(Positions),representing Narki,Tiryanch,Dev and Manusya Gatis.
1st manko:Gyanmudra-27 Navkar Mantra Jaap with vasxep puja.
2nd manko:Samnvaymudra-27 Navkar Mantra Jaap with vasxep puja.
3rd manko:Pranmudra-27 Navkar Mantra Jaap wih vasxep puja.
4th manko:Sankhmudra-27 Navkar Manta Jaap with vasxep puja.
Vitrag-Dhyan-mudra-one Navkar Mantra for our Aaradhana upkar.
For Participants on yantra puja-pooja clothes are preferable.
Community members can wear clean clothes for Bhasya Jaap.
Vasxep collected after puja will be given to all members with Raksha potli.
Nakro for each manko participants, maximum 4 people at a time - $101.
Contact: Dr Mahendra Shah at 714-757-9490 or e-mail at drmcshah(at)hotmail.com
for pledges or any information.
Dignitary/coordinator: Jayshreeben Doshi from Mumbai.
BA with Economics & Ardhmaghdhi literature.
Post Graduate in Economics.
Acupuncture specialist, offering services to Sarvoday Hospital,Mumbai.
Research work in Jainism and dedicated to Bhasya Jaap with blessings from Jayantbhai "rahi"

CLICK HERE for Details.
CLICK HERE for Navkar Jaap Lunch RSVP Form.







Kinal Modi
Public Relations
Jain Center of Southern California

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