Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) 2017 Competition

Posted: 02.12.2016

Federation Of Jain Associations in North America

Team Registration Information



JAINA Convention 2017 and Education Committee are inviting Jain Pathashalas of North America to participate in the 12th Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) at the 19th Biennial Convention of JAINA at Edison, New Jersey USA.

The JAB tournament will take place from Friday June 30, 2017 04:00 PM to Sunday July 2, 2017 and the final round will be held on Sunday July 2, 2017 afternoon (tentatively 3:00PM to 5:00PM).


JAB - General Information:

Jain Academic Bowl is a team competition for young Jains held biennially at the JAINA conventions. This competition tests the overall knowledge of Jain philosophy, Jain history, Jain Conduct, Jain Literature, Ritual sutras, Tirthankars, Revered Jain personalities, the Jain Way of Life, and more, as well as the ability of participants to answer quickly. This competition is in a "jeopardy" type format. Participant teams "buzz in" to answer questions.

JAB is a great experience for all participants. It helps increase their knowledge of Jainism, provides opportunity to forge new friendships with Pathshala students nationwide, and much more. In the end, every participant is a winner because of the immense knowledge they acquire and the fun they have being a participant in this team competition.  In the last two conventions, we had 16 and 17 teams from various Jain Centers participated in the JAB competition.

If you have not watch the JAB game at the convention, we encourage you to watch following short YouTube video presentation of the JAB Tournament. Please click on following link:


JAB Team Registration Form and Rules

The JAB tournament is divided into two (2) types of Teams: Junior and Senior

  • Junior Team - Participants age 14 and under. (Birth date - July 2, 2002 or later)
  • Senior Team - Participants age 21 and under. (Birth date - July 2, 1995 or later)

Only One Junior team and One Senior team per Center (or per valid Pathashala) is allowed to participate in the JAINA JAB 2017 competition.


In this convention, we can accommodate maximum 16 teams (Both Junior and Senior teams combined) in the JAB competition.  Hence, we request every Pathashala coordinator (if they plan to participate in the JAB competition) to fill in the Registration form for their teams before December 20, 2016.  All you need to fill in is required fields such Center Name, President Name, Pathashala coordinator Name, Email address and Telephone etc.. in the form.  You will be able to cancel your registration by February 15, 2017.

JAB Registration Form Link:

Each Junior and Senior team is required to register separately. 


JAB Registration Form needs to be filled electronically (one per team) by the JAB Coach or Pathashala Coordinator by December 20, 2016.  This way we will know the number of centers and teams interested in the JAB tournament.


You will be able to change one or more players and coach names until April 15, 2017.  (This Google registration form is editable and you will be able to update your registration form as you finalize your team).

A team can enroll maximum 8 players in a team.  However only 5 players from the team can play the game at a time.

A team Captain/Coach can change one or more players at the end of each round (there are 3 rounds per game and each team will play minimum of 3 games).


Each team will require to prepare one complete question packet consist of 48 Questions and Answers.  The Packet is to be submitted electronically to jainaedu(at)gmail.com (e-mail address of Pravin K Shah) by April 15, 2017. 

Do not send question packet to any other e-mail address and do not share your questions to anyone else outside your team members because your team questions may be used to other center’s team competition game.

JAB Competition Material (JAB Manual)

Jain Academic Bowl Manual also known as Compendium of Jainism is compiled using all Jain Pathashala text books and reference books of Jaina Education Material.

The JAB manual contains 6 sections (Basics, Philosophy, Conduct, Rituals, History Sect and Literature, and Stories).  It is a 400-page manual and all JAB questions will be created using this manual and all answers will confirm to the manual.

For Junior Team, Chapters B11, B12, B13, B14, C06, C09, E01, E02, E03 are excluded from the competition. For Senior Team, No Chapters are excluded.


You can download the soft copy of the manual in docx (Word file) and pdf file from the following link.  This link also contains all JAB tournament related information.


You can buy the manual using following link (cost of the manual is $10.00 + postage): 


JAB Project Needs Help

In the past if you have participated in the JAB tournament as a coach, assistant to coach, helper, moderator or a participant, we could use your help. 

We need the help in the following areas:

If you are attending Convention

JAB Moderator

JAB Administrator

If you are not attending Convention

Review and Edit the question papers prepared by each team

Prepare new question paper that can be used in the tournament for individual team, semifinal and final competition

Please send me an e-mail (jainaedu(at)gmail.com) with your telephone number and I will discuss the specific area where we could use your help.


Pravin K Shah

JAB Overall Program Coordinator

JAINA Education Committee Chairperson


919 859 4994 H

919 889 1900 Cell

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