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http://www.herenow4u.net/uploads/pics/Muni_Kishan_Lal_2014.09.jpgAn unquenchable curiosity about our pan life has plagued us all since long. One is unable to understand the variety in neither the kinds of living organism on Earth nor the untold story of human existence.

This book details the experiences of people who recollected their past life. Also Jain Sri Saint Kishanlal ji has detailed the experiences of those who participated in the camps to experience previous birth.

Muni Kishanlal born on November 3, 1936 at Momasar in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. He received Diksha from Acharya Tulsi on January 5, 1953 at a tender age of sixteen. He is a learned monk in the Jain Svetambara Terapanth order with eminent spiritual power. An authority in Preksha Meditation and Jeevan Vigyan. Gives regularly meditation sessions and lectures at yearly International Preksha Meditation Camp and many other Preksha Meditation Camps. Delighted to see the selfless and desireless section and work done day in and day out by Muni Kishan Lal ji and after evaluation. Anuvrat Anushasta Shree Tulsi proclaimed him 'Preksha Pradhyapak’. Acharya Shri Mahashraman pronounced him as 'Shashanshri’. He has also researched and brought forth ancient oft-practiced techniques and simple exercises to awaken recollection of your past life. He has authored many books on Yoga, The Secret of Past Life and alternative therapies.

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