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Bahiya uddhamadaya
navakamkhe kayai vi
imam deham samuddhare.

Soul is quite different form the body accepted. Have no desire of any type and have this body to eliminate the karmas of your previous birth.



From Acharya Mahashraman

Roj Ki Ek Salaah
Don’t let the door of lips open. Then, you see how the inner power and peace are activated. Regular Sessions

Preksha Meditation - By Appointment only
Tuesdays  - 7:30PM - 8:30PM - JVBNA Iselin Center


Thursdays - 7:30PM  - 8:30PM - JVBNA Iselin Center

Youth Forum

3rd Friday of every month - 7PM - 9PM - JVBNA Iselin center

Gyanshala & Gyanshala North

Two Sundays every month - 3:30PM - 6PM - Franklin Temple Classrooms, & Englewood, NJ


Different people: Different solutions Meditation does not suit some people. Yogasana and pranayama does not suit some people.This is because each person body composition is different. The mental level of the mind is also not similar. Some peoples mind is so fickle that they are not able to meditate.
In this situation,  we should once again resort to anekantic view. We should measure every person independently. Understand them as different individuals.Those who cannot do meditation, make them do some chanting (jaap). Make them practice breath control. Make them practice the vibration sounds.The one who practices brahamari pranyama gradually drifts into meditation. Sitting in one posture, the practitioner makes the sound of a bee for five, ten or fifteen minutes and slowly drifts into a state of meditation. For everybody the same solution does not work.One cannot cling to just one thing. All the dogmatism and persistent assaults against truth are result of looking at only one aspect.
Excerpts from "ANEKANTA, THE THIRD EYE" By Acharya Mahaprajna


JVBNA Upcoming Programs 2017 

Gyanshala & Youth Forum Annual Day - Sat, June 3
Annual Spiritual Family Camp - Fri-Sun, June 16 -18.
All programs at Arshvidya Pitham and stay at Days INN Tannersville,PA.
International yoga day celebration  Sunday June 25



Akshay Tritya 

JVBNA celebrated Akshay Tritiya  on May 6, 2017 at the JVBNA Center for Peace and Meditation under the auspicious guidance of Samani Sanmati Pragyaji and Samani Jayant Pragyaji.

The program was well presented by Master of Ceremony Vivek Baid. The program consisted of  Veer Mahavir dance by Saloni and Parul Baid, Tap Ki Kahani song performed by Gyanshala students and teachers, ladies' dance tribute to Guru, skit performed by JVB members: Raj Sodhia, Sushma Sodhia, Akash Jain, Sunita Jain, Alok Jain, Sonia Jain, and Ashish Jain.  The highlight of the program was the new initiative program focused on women empowerment presented by Neena Jain called "Sach". Sach focused on spiritual guidance and offer other options to develop new hobbies such as cooking, technology, singing, dancing, etc. and to develop more confidence. In between the programs, there were trivia questions about Akshay Tritya presented by Vivek Baid.

President Shilpa Bhansali spoke few words about the JVB center and its' future plans. Chairman Pratap Jain spoke few words about the JVB Center and its' growth and words of special thanks to Chairman Mool SInghi and Shanti Singhi for overseeing the on going renovation projects at the JVB center. 

Samani Jayant Pragyaji and Samani Sanmati Pragyaji gave pravachan which focused on the meaning of Akshay Tritya, Bhagwan Mahavir's Janma Kalyanak, and Acharya Mahashramanji's Pattabhishek.

Kamal Daga introduced Utsav families and thanked them for sponsoring Akshay Tritya program: Surender & Sumitra Kankariya, Akash & Sunita Jain,
Ashish & Ankita Jain, Lokender & Niharika Jain, Narender & Chitra Bhandari, Kamal &Vijaya Daga, Sameer & Minal Jain, Sanjeev & Nimisha Jain, Rajan & Renu Sanghania, Navin & Aarti Surana. The program ended with Mangal Path and delicious lunch.
Link for Akshay Tritya Photos

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