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Posted: 11.08.2017

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Siddhayatan Tirth

Jai Siddhatma!   Happy August, fellow Truth Seekers,   August is very special for two reasons. The first is that it's Acharya Shree's birthday! Acharya Shree's birthday is on August 28th; however, we will celebrate it on Sunday, August 27th. We encourage you to celebrate with us at Siddhayatan if you can.:)   Also, that special time of the year known as Paryushan is here. This is one of our favorite times to learn deeply about the soul..and all for 8-days!   Please read full details for both programs below.



"The path towards enlightenment is very difficult and that is why only rare and hard-working souls achieve the highest level. The question is how often do you get sucked into worldly desires, ego, greed, deceitfulness, and jealousy? How often do you do spiritual practices and help people wholeheartedly without any expectation or appreciation in return? With today's world of instant gratification, many truth seekers are impatient, have high expectations, and want the easiest path. It makes enlightenment invaluable if it's easy and fast. These days, no one wants to do the hard work. And, that's why no one gets liberated. The reality is, you need to focus on yourself, improving yourself, working hard on yourself. Forget about others. Only focus on you. When you are dedicated to your path 100%, enlightenment is bound to happen...and your efforts and hard work will be worth it.   - Acharya Shree Yogeesh  



Reply to this email to RSVP for Acharya Shree's birthday event.    Donations are appreciated. If you would like to volunteer a vegetarian/eggless dish or snack for these events, send an email to info@siddhayatan.org.     





Join us for an 8-day public LIVE Webcast as Acharya Shree dives into the deepest teachings of the soul. This unique time of the year is dedicated to learning and celebrating who we really are and how to free our soul to advance towards liberation.   As a committed spiritual practitioner, you do not want to miss out. Acharya Shree shares in-depth knowledge, practical advice, and simple techniques to help you.   For international students or those out of state, this is the BEST way to learn from Acharya Shree directly each and every year.   Clear out your schedule. This is all for the betterment of your soul.   Register by clicking the button below this way you receive the links to participate daily. There is no cost to attend this web series; however, if you'd like to, you will have the opportunity to give a daily contribution.  







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Spend the week or weekend at Siddhayatan helping us with our daily projects. Every hand is very helpful and a great opportunity to practice seva (selfless service).




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