06.09.2017 ►Kshma Vani Parva / Forgiveness day

Posted: 06.09.2017

“Om Namah Siddibahyo”

Kshma Vani Parva/Forgiveness day.

Forgiveness prayer in Prakrith language

Il Khamemi savve jive; Savve jiva khamantu me ll
Il Mitti me savve bhuesu; Veram majaham na kenai ll


I ask for forgiveness from all living beings; May all living beings grant me forgiveness.

My friendship is with all living beings; I have hostility towards none.

This is celebrated after the Dashalakshana Mahaparva and is also celebrated three times a year. With proper practice of the Dashalakshana Mahaparva our hearts should be overflowing with forgiveness and hence the celebration of this festival on the following day. This is also called Spiritual new year (Samvatsari).

Michhami Dukkadam
Uttama Kshama
Happy Samvatsari

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