17.12.2017 ►Jaipur ►Muni Sumermal ►9th International Conference on Peace and Non Violent action

Posted: 19.12.2017
Updated on: 09.01.2018

Jaipur: 17.12.2017


In the presence of Shasan Sthambh Muni Sumermal the 9th International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action was held at Anuvibha Nagar in Jaipur. The four day program was inaugurated by the speech of Mantri Muni who in his discourse said that Anuvrat is a sovereign religion which can be adapted by any human which can lead one’s life to purity and one can live with peace. One can bring peace in their life and even spread the peace and love and develop and maintain a peaceful atmosphere in their brotherhood. The person who adapts Anuvrat means simple and small rules can bring in peace in his own family, society, country and even in the whole world. Spirituality and religion are not different but complement each other. Only spirituality or only religion cannot lead us to our destination. The delegates who were present from many parts of the world should consult each other discuss and try to spread peace and Ahimsa and keep conducting such peace conferences.

Dr. S.L. Gandhi, Professor Anup Swaroop, Professor S.R. Bhatt, Dr. Thomas Daffern, Brahma Kumari Sister Brahma Kumari B.K. Rama, Lama Domoon Tulku and the conference Chief Chairman Gulab Kothari from Rajasthan Patrika too were present. Sri T.K. Jain, Naresh Mehta, Alok Hiravat also shared their thoughts. Thanks giving was done by Professor Vidya. The program was started by the melodious Anuvrat Geet and The song of Peace sung by Samani Punya Pragya and Mahila Mandal. There were around ninety delegates present for the conference. A rally too was organized before the conference.

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