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Federation of Jain Associations in North America
JAINA Education Committee
Jain eLibrary

Jai Jinendra,

Registration Status

As of today we have 33 people registered for the workshop. Workshop starts on March 2, 2018.

If you are planning to attend the workshop, we have room for 7 people.

Workshop language will be in English with some Hindi and Gujarati explanation.

The hard copy of all workshop presentations (more than 300 Power point slides) and all reference material (several Jainism books) will be given at the workshop.

For more information about workshop, the registration fee, registration form, hotel accommodation and all other details, please read the following original announcement of January 2018.


Original Announcement -

Jain Workshop Announcement at Atlanta:

Jain Society Greater Atlanta and Jaina Education Committee have jointly organized the 3rd Jain workshop from Friday March 2, 2018 to Sunday March 4, 2018.

We request individual Jain Centers of North America to circulate this e-mail to their members and to sponsor one or two pathshala teachers as well.

We had a great success on our past two Workshops conducted in Raleigh, NC in 2017. Please view few photos of these workshops by clicking the following link


Workshop Registration and Fee:

The registration fee is $50.00 per person It includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and workshop material. Please follow the link below to register and to make payment via Paypal or Credit card to the “Jain Education International”. Please do not wait, we will close the registration once we reach to 40 participants.

Registration Link Form:


If you have any difficulty to filling out the Workshop registration form or if you have any other question, send an e-mail to Sejal Shah sejal2003[at]gmail.com or Pravin Shah jainaedu[at]gmail.com.

Free Registration for the past JAB participants and current Pathshala Teachers of any JAINA Pathashalas

An anonymous donor has sponsored the past JAINA JAB, YJA JAB participants, Coaches and Admin Team and current Pathashala Teachers of JAINA Pathashalas. Please complete the above registration form and on paypal/Credit Card link, please pay $1.00 instead of $50.00. This way we will know that you are a past JAB candidate or current Pathashala teacher. If you have any question, please send us an e-mail or call.

Workshop Detail

Workshop Theme and Purpose

STRIKING A BALANCE: - EXAMINING Social, Cultural, and Spiritual environment that our youth face while growing up in North America

To educate both adults and youth (over 14 years of age) with regards to the fundamental principles and philosophy of Jainism and how to apply these principles in all walks of life through practical examples. This includes social, business, family, ethical, religious and spiritual environment.

Workshop Moderator

Workshop moderator is Pravin K Shah, Jaina Education Committee chairperson and Jain eLibrary Project in-charge

Workshop Duration and Location

Date and Time

March 2, 2018 Friday 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (includes Dinner time before Sun set)
March 3, 2018 Saturday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Lunch, and Dinner time before Sun set)
March 4, 2018 Sunday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (includes Lunch time)

Workshop Venue/ Location

Jain Society-Greater Atlanta
669 S Peachtree St, Norcross, GA 30071
www.jsgatemple.org Telephone 770 807 6187


Simple Vegan food (absolutely no dairy product) will be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all three days. No fried foods will be served as a way to promote healthy living.

Paper Product

All paper products such as plates, bowls, napkins, and glasses will be used of eco-friendly, bio- degradable, and from recycled materials.

Hotel Accommodation

Country Inn and Suites,

5970 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross, GA 30071

$81.00 + tax - Two double beds (If we occupy their minimum required rooms)

Hotel is about five minutes driving distance from the Jain center of Atlanta

From Airport to Hotel Direction Link


If you have any question with regards to hotel, please contact Sameer Shah 313 215 5158 or Pritesh Ostawal 404-789-7011 or send them an email ec[at]jsgatemple.org.

Workshop Overview and Major Topics

The workshop takes Jainism beyond being just a religious identification for people. It discusses the fundamentals, which can be easily apply in our daily life. The workshop uses interactive method of Learning and Communication, which needs debates, discussions and open mindedness. The workshop is not a lecture format where the audience has very little input in terms of participation and discussion.

After the several sessions on Jain axiom (postulate) and fundamental principles, the workshop delves into the brain storming discussion on powerful and thought-provoking questions that have no absolute answers. It includes the social and cultural perceptions as well as stereotypes and generalizations from both youth and adult’s perspective.

We will be digging deep, challenging ourselves/our limited beliefs and exploring new possibilities. The discussion will provide insights into questions that are important to our youth in order to develop them spiritually, ethically, and socially in the western world.

While often difficult to reconcile divergent influences, it is critical to understand the distinctions and strike a balance amongst Indian heritage, Jain religion, spirituality and Western lifestyle. Regardless of your current level of understanding, you are bound to walk away with a new expanded view

Major Topics and Presentations

We have thoughtfully chosen some of the most important topics to be discussed in the workshop.

Ø Fundamental concepts of Jainism

Ø Uniqueness of Jain Karma Philosophy and its application in daily life.

Who governs the events of the Universe? Is it Free-will? Or Karma? Or are they predestined?

Jainism says that it is not our action but intention behind our action that binds us with karma. Then why do we give significant importance in doing as many rituals as possible and almost no importance in understanding these rituals?

Ø Jain Concept of Punya and Pap Karma.

Is Punya Karma really a hindrance to attain Keval Jnan or liberation? Is Jainism a selfish religion? It emphasizes only personal spiritual progress but not emphasizing helping poor and needy and be compassionate to others.

Ø Ahimsa and Survival of Human Life.

Killing of one or the other form of life is essential for human survival. However Jainism considers killing of movable living beings (a living being possesses more number of senses) is considered more cruel act or greater violence. The order of violence is 5 sense beings, 4 sense beings, 3 sense beings, 2 sense beings, and 1 sense beings. Since human life can sustain by using or consuming one sense being (plants, water, air, earth, and fire), Jainism advocates Vegetarianisms. Also the environmental study indicates that killing of higher sense beings has a greater impact on Environment.

Then why we have not prohibited animal products such as milk, cheese, butter Ghee etc.. in Jain diet and but excluded root vegetables?

Jain Universe.

How can we claim Jainism is a scientific religion when there are inconsistencies in our scriptures such as they claim that earth is flat, not moving, and it is the center of the universe? It explains that the Moon is bigger than the Sun, farther away from Earth than the Sun, no one can reach the Moon. Also, the location of hell is below the Earth, and heaven is above the Earth and many others claim that have been proven wrong.

Ø Holistic Spirituality - Ahimsa, Compassion, Environment, and Health.

Why do Jains use Ahimsa conveniently? On one hand Jains restrict the use of some plant foods and on the other hand allow the use of many animal products like milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream and other dairy products, silk, pearls, wool, leather (this product is obtained by exploiting and slaughtering five sensed animals).

Jain views on suicide and the death penalty

Can you explain the significance of the vows? Is taking a vow necessary for penance to progress spiritually?

Ø Path of Liberation.

Can you define Samyaktva and how would I know when I acquire it?

What is the difference between ordinary Jnan (knowledge) and Samyak Jnan?

Are doing Jain rituals like penances, puja, Samayik and Pratikraman defined as Samyak Charitra?

Why some of the Jain ascetics disperse their human waste on street in the cities of India and create health hazard for the common people. Is it a Samyak Chaitra?

Ø Explanation of various Spiritual stages of life (Gunasthanak)

Ø Jain Vows (Conducts) of Laypeople

What is the role and status of women in Jainism? Why women cannot perform certain Jain rituals? Why are women not allowed in temple or to do puja, prayer etc… during their monthly biological cycle that is necessary for our existence?

Jain views on Abortion. Whether under any circumstances is it allowed or not? Abortion as women’s choice. How about abortion to save mother’s life.

Jain View on Birth Control?

Social Issues - Cheating, bribing, tax evasion, amassing wealth by any means exists in Jain societies. Where did Jain teachings go wrong?

Ø Jain Literature and their history.

What are the important changes that occurred over the 2500 years of history of Jainism. Why do we blindly follow certain traditions, which have no significance in current the environment

After the completion of the above presentations, most of the participants will be able to answer most of the questions that may come across during their daily life. Some of the questions may not have simple answers and there could be more than one answer.

Pre Requisite Reading Material

For the preparation of Workshop, we recommend to read the following articles and books from this link. You will be able to download pdf file easily from the following link.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact


Samir Shah 313 215 5158
Pritesh Ostwal 404-789-7011

Jain Society of Greater Atlanta


Pravin K Shah
Jaina Education Committee
919 889 1900 Cell

Registration Coordinator
Sejal Shah - sejal2003[at]gmail.com
Jaina Education Committee

Pravin K. Shah
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