10.12.1947 - 12.04.2018 ►Aparigraha Jain Has Left for His Heavenly Abode

Posted: 16.04.2018
Updated on: 19.04.2018

Aparigraha Jain

has left for his heavenly abode

10.12.1947 - 12.04.2018

The last rites of Shri Aparigraha Jain

The last rites of Shri Aparigraha Jain will be performed on Wednesday, 18.04.2018 from 15:00 until 16:30 CET [18:30 until 21:00h IST].

We will celebrate his life, recite Namokar Mantra and Sharan Sutra, and practice all together Preksha Meditation and a light meditation.

During the time of cremation we will play Loggass Sutra recited by Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragya, London, recorded there.

Mrs. Karuna Jain will recite KSHAMAAPANAA SUTRA (FORGIVENESS MANTRA) during the cremation.


I grant forgiveness to all living beings;
and may all of them forgive me.
I have friendship with all living beings;
and hostility toward none.

Please send your condolences to office@herenow4u.de

We will publish them on this page.



Death is an inevitable rule of this world. Nobody is an exception to it.

Came to know that Shri Aparigrah Jain has departed from this earthly abode. He was associated with Jain Terapanth Sangh. In this time Karuna and all family members and relatives try to keep patience and display mental strength. and try to create a spiritual atmosphere through prayers and chants.

Acharya Mahashraman
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
16 April 2018

|| ARHAM ||

Received message from Shree Amit Jain, Nagpur, that our staunch devotee Aparigarha, in Germany, has left his body on 12th April 2018, the day of Acharya Mahapragya 9th Anniversary. His wife Karuna (Carla) has accepted this bereavement with her husband with equanimity. This is the speciality of Preksha Meditation that she accepted the situation with equanimity. Karuna learnt meditation and practices of past lives from me and used to practice Preksha Meditation. Detail of her experiences is documented in book “Rahashya Purva Janm Ke” which is also available in English translation as “The Secret of Past Lives”.

Blessings and good wishes to Aparigraha, who had deep faith and very high commitment to religion. Let his soul be progressive in spiritual exertion and attain liberation.

Date: 16.04.2018
- Muni Kishanlal
Tosham (Bhiwani) Haryana

Vande Guruvaram

A very very difficult news to hear… It’s not sinking in…

Karuna Ji informed us about Aparigraha Ji’s lungs cancer sometime back in February 2017. But of-late the treatment were showing positive results quarter-by-quarter. Based on the results, I was very optimistic that nothing could happen to Aparigraha Ji for another 10 years…

What a brave person Aparigraha Ji was. His own words upon detection of lungs cancer (taken from a mail to me):

“When I got to know about my cancer (January) - kind of switch happened: Time changed from normal to “count down mode”: Time is blowing into my face and keeping me “awake”. Practically I feel much more detached than before and there is definitely more light in the world to see, than before. I feel very happy about “living”.”

And in another mail:

“Concerning my lung cancer: 
That’s karma. We will get to know why & what it is good for... time will tell.
I felt a big change in awareness: time switched into “countdown mode” - that is: everything is much more present before my eyes.
I like this state - I don’t fear death - the world shows more light than before. Kind of beautiful.”

While I was working in South Korea back in 2007, I was desperately looking for Jainism related material in internet, as that was the only way for me to remain connected to my roots living there. I found herenow4u.net very helpful (possibly only helpful site). And that’s how my connection to herenow4u.net started. Since those days I highly admire the genuine effort of Aparigraha Ji and his high benchmark for quality work for publication.

Sometime around 2010, while I was living in Finland, I used to upload Acharya Mahapragya’s videos in Youtube. Aparigraha Ji noticed my activities and gave me a teachers hand to tag and title the videos in a way that it could be found easily. And that’s how I personally got connected to Aparigraha Ji. For one of the guided Preksha meditation video of Acharya Mahapragya in Hindi, he advised me to translate the instructions in English and embed it as captions into the video.  We (Aparigraha Ji, Karuna Ji and I) worked together on this project. I learnt a lot from him while doing this small project. The biggest learning was:  whatever we do, we do it perfectly and without any error. No matter how much time it could take but errors can’t be accepted. And this is the attitude we need if we are working in the field of publishing Jain literature.

I moved to Germany in 2012 and I, my wife and kids got closer and closer to Aparigraha Ji and Karuna Ji. In Germany there is a special culture of Godfather. In my heart, I silently felt Aparigraha Ji as my Godfather since last few years.

Aparigraha Ji is my constant companion, a great visionary dear friend who keeps guiding me till date…

Amit Jain

Message of Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar for Mrs. Karuna on the demise of Mr. Aparigraha

There are a few people in the world who have really comprehended Jainism and who are true devotees of Jainism. Among them the names of the couple - Karuna and Aparigraha, I believe, stand in the front row.

When, on 14th April 2018, I got the news that Aparigraha has passed away, I thought that a true follower of the noble doctrines of Jainism has passed away. Both - Karuna and Aparigraha - have made strenuous efforts to propagate and make popular the Jain Doctrines for the betterment of humankind at large. Their website herenow4U is a landmark in the field of IT in the modern age for spreading the message of Ahimsa, Karuna, Aparigraha, Anekanta, etc. throughout the world. The whole Jain Samaj as well as the whole humankind owes to these two workers (couple) a great for their selfless services.

I express my hearty consolation for Mrs. Karuna at the sad occasion of her husband’s passing away and at the same time express my multitude congratulations to both for their noble works. I hope to meet Mrs. Karuna when she will come to India in future.

With all spiritual good wishes for Mrs. Karuna…

Muni Mahendra Kumar

Aparigrahji's sad demise has shocked me like any thing. We were in touch for last thirteen years. I have lost a good friend. He had done a great job for terapanth dharma sangh. We met many a times and every time I inspired. A great loss to our dharmasangh. May his soul rest in peace. I request Karunaji to keep patience. She is having good knowledge of religion. Everyone who takes birth has to die one day. Aprigrah has done great things in his life and now we have to complete his incomplete dreams and acts. Kariunaji Please keep yourself normal in this heart breaking event. You are very wise and understand the essence of religion.

-CA. Sobhagya Jain
Udhna, Surat.

Got a message from Sushil Bafna that Aparigraha ji Jain has left his mortal body on 12th April. A film of his personality and the contributions he had made for Terapanth and Jain religion at large appeared in my mind.

He was very determined and dedicated towards his mission of life to bring awareness in the entire world about the eternal message of Ahimsa, Aparigraha, anekant, Karuna and much more. Both Aparigraha and Karuna were closely associated with Jain Terapanth. I really appreciate his great contribution creating website where people can visit to satisfy their queries.

Now it all has come to Karuna to fulfill the vacant place. May Karuna and her family get  the strength to bear this loss. And departed soul achieve his spiritual goal in his next birth.

Samani Sanmati Pragya
JVBNA New Jersey, America

Really shocking to learn about untimely demise of Aprigrahji Jain.

He was a source of inspiration to many. In fact he was an Institution himself. His contribution to the jains in particular has no parallel. Through Herenow4u he has done so much for the Terapanth sect.

A great, irreparable loss to the society. His name has become synonyms of HN4U.

This is the ultimate truth. We have to accept it. I pray for spiritual upliftment of the departed soul.

Heart felt condolences to the bereaved family members, Karunaji & Raoul.

Sushil Choraria

Shocked to hear this news. This is very big damage for all of us. The life he lives and the work he has done has set an inspiration for all of us. I pray his soul reach the utmost destination of salvation.

Mahima Bokariya

He has always been a really great inspiration for all of us.

The website on which I used to search for things related to Jainism, and he made me a part of it. It was a different level of attachment with him.

Remembering his wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. May he rest in peace.

Kavita Bhansali

Respected Karuna Ji, Dear Raoul,

Kavita Bhansali called me on 12th April and told Aparigrah Ji is not online and she did not get reply of her message and she asked me do you have any communication with him. It was almost daily routine to talk with him. I and Kavita were concerned with his health, I thought may be due to medical emergency he may be in hospital. Next day got very shocking nres that Aparigrah Ji is no more with us. Never imagined that he will left us so soon. He was active till last moments. So many memories came in my mind like film reels. For me it is personal loss. He was my Guide, teacher.

During his last India trip he has stayed Guwahati many days. Also visited Varanasi and Jalgaon on invitation of me. Samani Ji Pragya also met with him and Karuna.I have learnt so many things by him. He was man of great thoughts and action. Stayed always cheerful and happy. Always tried to give something new to herenow4u.net magazine. Due to his effort herenow become worldwide name for getting information of Jain and Terapanth sect. His thought were very clear. He was perfect husband and always supported Karuna Ji.

Sad demise of him is great loss. I pray my respectful homage and pray for upliftment of his soul.

It is our duty to complete his dream. I will give full support to Karuna Ji and Raoul. My full sympathy towards family and Karuna Ji get strength to bear loss of Aparigrah Ji which is very hard.

Karuna Ji has set example to follow Jain Sanskar Vidhi during cremation.

Sushil Bafana

It is hard to believe that Aparigrah Ji is no more. I never met with him but was in contact with him. He was very keen reader and observer. Whenever I made news for herenow, he always guided me to make it error free.

Herenow4u is wonderful site and great treasure for people who believe in non violence and truth.

I am deeply shocked by his untimely demise. I wish he get Moksha very soon and we will complete his unfinished task.

Rajshree Pugalia

Dear Karuna,

Om Arham

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on departure of Aparigraha for heavenly abode. Aparigraha fought his illness with fortitude and stoicism.

The Jain theory of karma states that soul is independent. Yet I see a thread of common values and aspirations between Aparigraha and Late Acharya Mahapragya and Acharya Mahashraman which brought them together. The ethos of Jain Vishva Bharati is similar to the one a browser reads on HereNow4U website.Similarly when you both visited the International School in Tamkore or came to participate in the Paryushan festival in JVB London, your spiritual motives vibrated withus.Thus our common goal of serving humanity brought us together.

In 1874, an eminent German Indologist, Dr Hermann Jacobi brought to the attention in the West the existence of Jain religion. A century and a quarter later another German, Aparigraha Jain through his sterling qualities lighted a new flame of Jainism by the use of internet.

Karuna, I am sure with your strong faith and conviction you will overcome the tragedy that has befallen on you and your family.

Let the departed soul be in peace and grow spiritually in the new abode. Hope Karuna and the family gain strength and peace.

Blessings to all.

Samani Dr Pratibha Pragya

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