29.06.2018 ►Kolkata ►Marriage by Jain Sanskar Vidhi

Published: 13.07.2018
Updated: 13.07.2018

Kolkata: 29.06.2018

Sneh Choraria weds Varsha Barlota by Jain Sanskar Vidhi. Sneh is son of HN4U team member Sushil Choraria and Varsha is daughter of Rajendra Barlota, Raipur.
Upasak Sushil Bafana and Upasak Malchand Bhansali Played role of Sanskarak and chanted Jain Mantra.
Many prominent people attended marriage including Banechand Malu, Jatanlal Rampuria, Salil Lodha, Sanjay Dhariwal, Ritu S.Jain. All of them expressed happiness that Jain Sanskar Vidhi is followed.
People who were present there felt very happy and some of them expressed their desire to follow Jain Sanskar Vidhi in their family function.
Acharya Tulsi inspired followers to use Jain Sanskar Vidhi for simplicity and to keep deep faith in Jain Values.

Sushil Choraria and Rajendra Barlota exchanging marriage certificate.

Sneh and Varsha Garlanding each other

Upasak Sushil Bafana and Upasak Malchand Bhansali

Banechand Malu

 Family Members  and Relative

Sushil Bafana and Supyar Bafana

Sneh and Varsha signing marriage certificate

Sneh and Varsha hearing Mantra

Family Members

Jatanlal Rampuria

Sushil Bafana

Kanak Choraria, Sushil Choraria, Surendra Choraria, Salil Lodha with others

Ritu S. Jain giving vote of thanks.

Srichand Choraria blessing

Sanskarak performing rituals

Dr Prem lata Choraria

Sushil Choraria.

Ritu S.Jain, Jatanlal Rampuria, Sushil Choraria, Sushil Bafana

Sushil Bafana
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